Responsibility of Indian Women after Wedding 

Responsibility of Indian Women after Wedding

The Indian women are very responsible in life and that is why most of the people who even after settling out of India come back and marry an Indian girl. This is because of the fact that Indian women are more responsible in their life. For them wedding is bondage and they would never dream to break that bondage. The other important attitude on Indian women is that she has more patience and can adjust herself to any circumstances. Besides, all this in the Indian family life, people consider women as the sole responsibility of home maker. And doing a home maker job is not as easy as it seems to be. 

Indian women have more patience and are very generous 

The beauty about India women is that she is patient for most of the events which happen in life. The role of girl in the tradition of India is much related to peace and she is considered to be the goddess of every family. People in India believe that girls bring in wish and luck to each family. 

Indian women fulfills her life after marriage 

Any women fulfill her life when she gets married to the right person. She attains the ultimate objective of turning from a girl to women. The other important aspect of getting married is that she makes herself responsible for all the events in the house. 

Roles and responsibilities of any Indian women

The Indian women consider herself the trust worthy person on any family and that is the reason why she is shouldered with lot and lot of roles and responsibilities. Traditionally when you compare Indian women and any women from western countries, the Indian women shoulders a lot of roles and duties. In western countries almost all the houses have servants or maids to do day to day activities but whereas in India the women has to do all the jobs whether she is a working women or house maker.  

Roles and Duties of Indian women after marriage 

As articulated above Indian women are more pressurized in the job of house maker and finally they are also held with lot of roles and duties to do in house. The following are some of the key roles and responsibilities of typical Indian women after marriage. 

  • She gives herself a commitment at the day of wedding that she will be the goddess of the family which she will be shifting. 

  • Her duties lie with taking care of the family of the boy and also making sure that her family is not forgotten in the process. 

  • Day to day activities in the house both in terms of routine job and new job. 

  • Bringing in blessings from the goddess in terms of love, peace and care. 

  • Giving greater importance to the elders in the family of her husband. 

  • Taking care of the husband and supporting him in the job activities.

The above roles and duties of Indian women require utmost skills and the Indian women are born with this particular nature of carrying the duties on their shoulders.  


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