Restoration and Forgiveness after Adultery 

Restoration and Forgiveness after Adultery

Marriage is a relation between two adults that is expected to last for the life with mutual trust and love for each other. But, it may not be possible for this happy ending for all couples. One major reason for the break ups is adultery, where the people complain about husband cheated on me or wife had an affair. Such cases of unfaithful spouses mostly lead to the divorce between the couples.

How to react after knowing adultery

It can mostly be a knee jerk reaction after knowing that the wife had an affair or if the husband cheated on me cases. Most of these cases with knee jerk reaction leads to lot of mud-slinging on each other, emotional stress and results in extreme hatred towards each other. It is always possible for saving marriage after adultery because how to handle a case of infidelity is more important rather than infidelity itself.

Can infidelity be forgiven?

The most important question to answer oneself in this situation is


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