Rituals Performed In Arunachal Pradesh Marriage 

Rituals Performed In Arunachal Pradesh Marriage

Different states in India are known for their distinct culture, religious and social practices. Arunachal Pradesh is certainly one of them. The state is renowned for its diversified culture, religion and social practices. Therefore, when it comes to know about Indian weddings, importance of marriages in Arunachal Pradesh can’t be neglected. Are you a bit confused? If so, then you need to check out stated below traditional rituals performed in Arunachal Pradesh marriage. You will also learn how these rituals can fix marriage problems and help couples leading a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

What Are the Rituals?

There could be endless rituals performed in a traditional Arunachal Pradesh marriage. Hence, these social, religious and family-oriented practices can be categorized in three sections i.e. pre-wedding, on wedding and post wedding rituals. Marriages in Arunachal Pradesh can’t be completed without performing certain rituals. The main motto behind introducing or performing these social practices is to make a wedding stronger, more comfortable and solid than ever before. These distinct practices also play an important role in forming a stronger relationship not only between to individuals but also between two families. Rituals performed in any marriage can be considered as an effective way of praying righteous things for the couple. 

Who Perform These Rituals?

Usually all the basic or popular rituals are performed by both families. In Arunachal Pradesh weddings, some rituals are performed by bride’s family while others are performed by grooms’ family. Practicing different types of social, religious and family-specific practices is to make relationships more comfortable, stronger and happier than ever before. 

Performing Rituals Means Displaying Love

There is no doubt that love plays the most significant role when it comes to enjoying a relationship. It is the emotion needed in every step of life. Whether you are married or unmarried, you always need love from someone you care about. Therefore, the main goal of performing these social practices is to express love, joy and happiness of elders for newlywed couple. 

It is a Part of Religion

It is certainly a part of religion. You aren’t supposed to imagine of a traditional Indian marriage without the presence of religion. Therefore, traditional marriages in Arunachal Pradesh can be observed with lots of religious wedding-oriented practices. Arunachal Pradesh is a land of diversified religions. But we are here talking only about traditional Hindu marriages in Arunachal Pradesh.
Display the Tradition, Custom and Social Practices

Marriages in Arunachal Pradesh display the tradition, custom and social practices essential to lead a successful life. There is no doubt that an Arunachal Pradesh marriage comes with lots of social, religious and family responsibilities, therefore, it is essential that it should be performed accordingly. There is no doubt that various social rituals make a marriage different from other options. These rituals also boost the fun, joy and happiness in a wedding party. 


Having clearly observed various rituals performed in Arunachal Pradesh marriage, it can be said that these social practices simply strength the emotional, spiritual and social bonding between two families and of course between two individuals. 


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