Role of match maker, betrothal gifts, bridal dowry and fortune tellers in Chinese marriage 

Role of match maker, betrothal gifts, bridal dowry and fortune tellers in Chinese marriage

According to a Chinese legend the moonlight decides which two couple will be married. The moon is believed to tie string around the pair which means no matter how far they are they will eventually meet.

So a Chinese wedding is said to comprise of number of rituals and customs. Each of them are diligently followed and taken care of. In case of Chinese culture it is the matchmaker who first talks to the family of either the bride or the groom. Lets’ go through this step by step:

  • At the point when an unmarried boy's guardians discover a potential lady, they then go find a matchmaker whose occupation is to mitigate the go talk to the family of the girl. This is done in order to avoid any embarrassments or conflicts between the two families. If the girl’s side agrees then the matchmaker matches their birth dates and if everything goes well then the next step that is the betrothal day is celebrated.

  • Upon the arrival of the betrothal, "terrific gifts" is displayed by the groom's family to the lady's family. This is a formal event where the two families authoritatively recognize the marriage and give their blessing to the marrying couple. The proposition endowments generally incorporate token cash wrapped in red envelope and things, for example, pair of male and female poultry, tea, sweetmeats and sugar, "twofold satisfaction cake", wine and tobacco.

  • Before the actual wedding service, two families would decide upon a wedding day as indicated by Chinese Tung sheng. Selecting a favourable day to guarantee a decent future for the couple is as vital as keeping away from what is accepted to be an unfortunate day. This day is usually told to the family by the fortune teller or let’s says an astrologer.

  • After this the wedding day is decided and the wedding march from the lady's home begins. It comprises of a customary band, the spouse's vehicle, the maids of honour’s cars (if there and bridal’ dowry in the structures other than cash. The dowry usually contains ornaments or object of daily use such as jewelleries, chopsticks, lotus seeds etc.
After the lady reaches to the groom’s house all the pre and post wedding rituals are performed as per the Chinese customs. The wedding is not very huge affair but the post wedding ceremonies and the reception are celebrated with much enthusiasm.


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