Roses Offer The Perfect Resonance With The Wedding Couple 

Roses Offer The Perfect Resonance With The Wedding Couple

Wedding is an occasion marked by the specialty fervour because the reasons are very significant. A couple is formed as a unit of society and is allowed the authentic blissful union for life together with the good wishes of all the guests and family members that congregate at the occasion. For all such reasons, fervour is demanded and this is achieved through the best of the celebration and décor concepts towards all those present; while the bride and groom shine as the central icons in this entire glare.

When it comes to wedding decoration then flowers come up as the finest and fundamental choices in the whole list of probable options. Truly speaking, the wedding decoration is incomplete without flowers that add a definite and unique beauty quotient to the venue and purpose. Some flowers like roses have remained in highest demand for wedding purposes. This is because of good reasons that are adored by the charming ‘rose’! Let’s find out the good attributes that are carried by these special flowers. 

Roses offer the highest elegance, charming beauty and finest fragrance!

Roses are among the few varieties that carry the highest degree of elegance. The authentic beauty emerges from the natural make of these flowers; courtesy to the Nature of course. The colours vary from the most popular whites and reds to the pink, yellow, orange and hybrids also. The flowers market is now abuzz with the best varieties that are bred with whole dedication and inputs to develop the finest characteristics. Thus the modern ranges of roses are all the more exotic and charming in their look and feel. When it comes to aromas, then also rose is an unparalled choice because the fragrance of it is just mesmerizing enough. This also makes rose as the best choice for the couple; especially in the matters of love proposal!

The wedding occasion is all about the newlywed couple that shines as the jewel. There are many floral concepts attached with the couple as also separately with the bride and groom. Roses serve in the best spirits for such orientations. Let’s find how the roses are significant in such concepts.

The wedding night accommodation for the couple

Roses being rich in aroma infuse the romantic sensualities in the personas of the bride and groom as they prepare to make up the genre moments together on their first night. 

The car decoration for the newlywed couple

Car decoration is still attempted with the red roses that symbolize love, passion and warmth.

The groom’s sehra in India 

The Indian groom adores his flowery headgear called sehra. This sehra is a long veil made in red roses and keeps his head covered during baraat.

The bridal ornaments made in rose 

In Muslim wedding, the bride generally wears ornaments made in rose and jasmine before finally leaving his parents’ home or the ‘rukhsati’.

The wedding garlands in ‘jaymal’ ceremony in Hindu marriages 

Hindu marriage in India has the integral tradition of jaymal in which the flower garlands are exchanged. These garlands do include roses as the essential choice. 


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