Safest Way to Save Money on Wedding Desserts 

Safest Way to Save Money on Wedding Desserts

Desserts are an inevitable part of every wedding and nothing can replace having a cake at your wedding. While we know every budget has its restrictions, do not settle for a cake with no frosting or cheaper flour as your big day won’t come again. Instead, play smart and use these tricks to save money on your wedding desserts

Order a small cake

This trick is very commonly used. Ask your baker to make a small one or two-tier cake for the cake-cutting and display and keep aside a non-decorated cake sheet which can be later used for serving the guests. This trick would reduce your cost of desserts by a great amount. You can also opt for cupcakes for serving your guests. 

Choose cakes with less add-on

Remember that it is the labour time spent on decorating and frosting the cake that determines most of the cost and not the ingredients. Add on such as flowers and designs increase the price of the cake. Opt for a design that is elegant and has minimal add on or decorations. You can get creative with the color of the cake as that does not cost as much as complex decorations. Also, flat designs over a cake are cheaper as compared to three-dimensional designs. 

Create a deceptive image of a larger cake

If the size of the cake is of utmost importance to you but your budget does not allow for it, then you can fake the size of your cake by adding thick, decorated non-cake layers in between each cake layer. This can easily turn your two-tier cake into a four-tier wedding cake and hence give you the effect of an extravagant cake at about half the price. 

Serve smaller cake slices

Let your caterer know the size of the slices to be served to the guests. Smaller portions of cake can be served along with other desserts. Also, put up a cake table instead of serving the cake everywhere. This would reduce the total quantity of cake required at your wedding. 

Buttercream over fondant

You can choose from buttercream or fondant for the icing of your desserts. While fondant will give your cake a smooth applique finish, buttercream is less expensive as compared to fondant. Make a wise decision keeping in mind your tastes and budget. 

Opt for square cakes

Choose a square shaped cake as a square cake would serve more guests compared to other shapes. Also, icing a square shaped cake requires less effort and time. 

Skip the frosting

Another way to save money on your desserts is to skip the frosting. Cakes without the frosting are actually a hot trend these days and require less effort and time to be prepared. You can experiment with the flavors of the cake so that the wow factor remains intact. Choose from a range of exciting flavors such as lemon curd, blueberry, roasted almonds, etc. 

Opt for a number of cakes

Instead of choosing one three-tiered or four-tiered cake, you can opt for a number of cakes as it would cut out on the cost of stacking and decorating a huge cake. This would help you save a great amount. 


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