Sandal Styles Perfect for an Outdoor Wedding 

Sandal Styles Perfect for an Outdoor Wedding

If you are planning a summer or a fall wedding, there is a big chance that you would like to have your wedding ceremony outdoors in order to be able to enjoy the perfect weather. The location of the wedding venue has a great impact on just how the wedding venue would be decked up for the wedding day, but it also has a big impact on the many decisions that the bride has to make with respect to her wedding dress and footwear. You do not want your sandals to get stuck in the grass and make you trip or walk in an odd manner on your wedding day and therefore, when choosing your footwear for the big day, besides ensuring that they are comfortable and add elegance to your bridal dress, you need to also ensure that they are perfect for an outdoor wedding. 

Some of the shoe styles which you can opt for your outdoor wedding are as follows:

Silver Rhinestone Flat Sandals

These flat sandals would be extremely comfortable and allow you to walk easily along the grass or any uneven surface which may be present at the wedding venue. At the same time, the rhinestones attached to the sandal, help in giving it a classy and rich look, thus making it a perfect choice for a wedding. If you have the height and do not need heels to help you elevate your personality, then these sandals are the most perfect choice for an outdoor wedding. 
Lace Wedges

The lace wedges are one of the most traditional footwear which looks extremely feminine. Along with giving an elevation to the bride, these sandals also help in giving the bride a bold look, especially if she is wearing a short dress. These wedges are definitely at the top of the list of footwear that one should consider for an outdoor wedding. 

Gladiator Wedges

If you do not want to go feminine with your looks and therefore, are looking for an alternative to lace wedges, then you can opt for these gladiator wedges. They generally come in tan hue colours and therefore, easily mix and match with the colour of the wedding dress. No matter whether you are going to be wearing a short dress or a long dress, these sandals will look absolutely perfect with all dress styles. 

Crochet Slip Ons

If you are having a summer wedding, opting for flat bellies is generally avoided since the closed nature of these sandals does not give your feet the breathing space and therefore, your feet might get sweaty and start to smell. The crochet slip ons are the perfect alternative for the flat bellies. These light weight bellies look extremely elegant and therefore make a perfect accessory for the wedding dress. 

Crystal Pumps

If you really want to wear heels for your wedding, then the crystal pumps are a great choice. These pumps easily replace stilettos in their looks, appeal and charm, but the chunky heels ensure that they do not sink into the dirt or grass present at the venue, thus making your walk comfortable. 


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