Sangeet Ceremony 

Sangeet Ceremony

Gone are the days when sangeet ceremony was just classified as the ladies only fun. Then it was just for women and girls to dance and sing traditional melodies and song. The today has now changed this whole pre-marriage function and modified it into a more fun loving, happy and bash party kind. Now it is sangeet where it’s all about your best dance moves on the tune of classy folk’s music, traditional melodies and Bollywood rock music. This whole party with the music and dance is today the lifeline of Indian weddings and is exciting event that makes memories for life time.

The awaited ceremony of marriages and wedding

There can be numerous DIY ideas that can make sangeet ceremony even more blast like having caricatures made in your dream loving, favourite Bollywood or Hollywood actor or actress dress. You can also have it themed in the 18s or 19s Bollywood style or just give it a little ethic and maybe traditional theme of your native place. But before all make sure you choose correct place for it. It should be spacious to accommodate your guests well and still have place for your wild dances and food corners.

Tips for more participation and some DIY themes

You can also have some sort of throw chances game with guests who will be punished to dance on your favourite number in case they lose. These games in between the sangeet ceremony will make it more fun and memorable. Also games like dance breaker in which you totally erase the awkwardness of dancing from guests and invite then for crazy, wild dance forms together in pairs or in groups. Moreover you can have games like musical housie in which there will be secretive tickets given with dance song names and one with chits will have to dance.

Fun loving and crazy dance function

Since you want good and more participation, sangeet ceremony should be kept before wedding for full enjoyment and fun as it is a pre-marriage function. Also it is very important to determine your budget well to suit the sangeet and make proper arrangements. Also you can approach professional choreographer for mesmerizing selective performances. Also deciding performers beforehand with playlists and moves will make sangeet ceremony look more happening and beautiful. Also the list of songs you choose for sangeet should have beats for dance performances. They should not be too slow, sad or raunchy instead they should be rocking, fast and romantic.

Pre-ceremony arrangements and games

You can also design your sangeet ceremony on awards night theme with mini IIFA awards to best performances of the evening and crazy, funny, wild dances. You can make it more creative by using proper invite auditions. Also you can have beer or just some soft drink chugging with some dance moves. Another game that can be included is daring you for it where you can ask performers to imitate or mimic funny dances to tease each other and more entertainment. With amusing, interesting and amusing ceremony like this you can also enjoy more and make your wedding ceremony a more memorable pre-marriage function. Further you can have games like tug of war where in-laws can be on opposite teams and you can have a strong stage designed especially for it.  


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