Satlada - Layered Piece of Jewellery - Newly Found Awesomeness 

Satlada - Layered Piece of Jewellery - Newly Found Awesomeness

Satlada – as the word reveals, regales the seven layered pearl necklace. In Hindi, it’s called as sat-lada. The composition of satlada is little fixed- like as having 465 pearls embed in it. It does contain a heavy dose of diamonds, emeralds and rubies too. This newly observed satlada actually is the oldest jewellery of mughal time. It was part of the jewels of nizam. Even, the mughals loved it. 

Instances, in the fore front- In the film jodha Akbar, Aishwarya rai bachhan wore it with aplomb. It is believed that maharani Baghmati who belonged to the royal family of nizam used to wear it with saying that the women is as precious as this piece of jewellery. The sabyachi, now-a-days has been illuminating the same as the nostalgic spin. Now, it has crossed over to the west and runways at Marchesa and Chanel runways were teeming with it.  

Both sexes can wear it- as it’s made up of pearls, so in that sense too it’s unisex. Brides too can wear this. It provides regal feel and is royal if you realize the worth of wearing it. Salada looks gorgeous with lehenga, sari or bandhgala. It adds a bit of layered glory to your look.

It does not cost arm and leg- the less of jewellery and more of pearls make it virtually lesser costly than other kind of jewelry you buy. The major aspect of this jewelry is in the heavy look.  As it looks like a lot, you can pair up with any simple necklace to give it a bigger look. In addition, the basic jewelry or the metal can be silver in which ruby or emerald of different shades and color can be added. You can easily get it make by your nearest jeweler and can add or substract according to your budget and t he will like as more pearls but less of diamond.


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