Saving Some Money on Your Marriage 

Saving Some Money on Your Marriage

Regardless of what your financial plan, a chic, top of the line wedding can be yours without giving up a major portion of your style.

  • Visitor List 
Invite and Welcome 100 visitors rather than 150 (save money on everything). Crunch the numbers: If your wedding comes to Rs. 100 per individual for nourishment and drink, slicing your list from 150 to 100 saves Rs. 5000.

  • Wedding Style 
The less formal the event, the more reasonable it is. Rather than a sit-down supper, go for an easy going early lunch or grill. Even buffet can help save you a lot. Go for rental cars instead of hiring a limousine.. 

  • Wedding Invitations 
Keep the wedding cards basic. Keep in mind, top-quality paper, extravagant typography procedures and custom inks expand the cost, as do ornamental envelope linings and multiple enclosures. Pick one spectacular component and keep all the rest basic. To hold postage costs down, avoid larger than average or overweight styles. 

  • The Dress 
Got your heart set on couture? Spare gobs of cash (as much as 15 to 35%) by just swapping out the fabric. For instance, a dress made with of poly glossy silk rather than silk will cost hundreds less. 

  • Formalwear 
Wear simple dark non designer tuxes. Urge all the groomsmen to lease the suit from the same spot


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