Seasonal Wedding Bombonieres 

Seasonal Wedding Bombonieres

There is a huge variety of bombonieres that are available in the market these days. In fact, the choice is so huge, that selecting one for your wedding can prove to be a really difficult task. There are many factors which one should keep in mind when making this selection, one such factor is the season in which the wedding would be held. Finding a bomboniery which is perfect for the season is important, as they tend to go very well with the mood of the wedding. 

Some suggestions for seasonal wedding favors have been discussed below:

Spring Bombonieres

The spring season is the season of flowers and colors. Therefore, you need to select favors, which go well with the theme of gardens and flowers. Therefore, you can opt to give tiny decorated flower pots, which can be filled with either a small artificial decorative flower, or you can fill the pot with some sweets as well. Garden pails and miniature watering cans, with the name of the bride and the groom, along with the date of the wedding printed on them can also be distributed as favors at a spring wedding. The chocolates that you fill these pots and pails with should also be in sync with the spring mood and therefore, you should opt for chocolates with an orange or mint flavor. 

Summer Bombonieres

The summer season is associated with holidays, sunshine and loads of fun. Some of the gift ideas that can make a perfect choice for favors at a summer wedding include giving away miniature sailing boats filled with candies, sun shaped photo frames or a pair of tiny thongs which can be used as a fridge magnet. All these gift items can be personalized by placing the name, photos or date of the wedding on the gift items. The choice of chocolates for the summer season should include white chocolates, with a flavor of strawberries or peach. 

Winter Bombonieres

In the winter season, you need to present your guests with favors that give them warmth and appear luxurious at the same time. Chocolate truffles and liqueur chocolates are a great pick for this occasion. Miniature bottles of wine or coffee also make a great wedding favor. You can place all these items inside a beautiful mug which can be personalized with the photo, name and date of the wedding. Other than the food items, decorative and fragrant candles also make a good choice for a winter wedding favor. 

Autumn Bombonieres

The autumn season is associated with falling leaves and therefore; the theme of leaves is the most popular choice for favors during an autumn wedding. Whether you opt to present your guests with chocolates or personalized bookmark, make sure that your favor is in the shape of a leaf in order to make it appear to be a perfect part of an autumn wedding. You can even present your guests with glasses or mugs which have beautiful leaf designs engraved on them. These glasses and mugs can be filled with chocolates or even spices like cinnamon, etc. which give a warm feel.   


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