Secure and Arrange and Dispatch Your Wedding Stationery in Time to Remove Hassles 

Secure and Arrange and Dispatch Your Wedding Stationery in Time to Remove Hassles

Wedding is an elaborate function and involves lots of guests that are all invited to be a part of this auspicious occasion and bless the couple. Such grand character has been lent to wedding because of its intrinsic significance towards the individual lives, family, society and of course the eternal order of civilization here on this earth. 

The cultures are indebted to the pious institution of marriage and have therefore worked passionately through ages to make out refinements and facilitations; only as a mark of homage! We therefore have whole diversity of etiquettes and genres that are lived as necessary norms and customs. Guests’ catering is one such norm that is served with passion and dedication. The host family gives out invitations in a formal manner & this involves securing and aligning plethora of beautiful wedding stationery! There has to be an informed conduct so as to adhere to the timelines while making the invitations; & thus avoid any last time glitches and aberrations, especially in view of the swift deadlines at work and ever busy personal lifestyles. Let’s find out as what the essentials of adhering to the wedding timelines are and how the wedding stationery is to be delivered towards such initiative.

Always secure the dates of entire wedding occasion

This is the fundamental determinant of the wedding occasion and the entire timeline depends upon this. The determination of the dates of wedding helps to make the plan and arrange the celebrations of relevance. The more important is to make the bookings with different vendors so as to concretize a definite wedding timeline. Your guests need to be informed through invitations about this entire spread of celebration. 

Prepare the guest lists 

Make out the guests’ lists immediately after the dates are finalized; for upon this would depend on the arrangements. This list also serves as the basis of sending the invitations. 

‘Save the date’ notifications 

‘Save the date’ notification has become the norm in view of the smart age of digitization. Now the messages are sent much early so as to allow the guests to save the date and avoid any clash. This also gives ample to the guests to plan their movement; especially if the guest is to move from a different city. 

Keep extra spare of wedding invitations

Get the invitations printed and keep few spare for delivering to the guests that add up in the last time. This would eliminate the crunch of invitation cards. 

Send the invitation and attach the reply cards 

Reply cards are also equally important. Through these cards the host gets to know about the actual number of guests that would be attending the function. 

Other occasions’ invitations like for the rehearsal dinner

Attach the rehearsal dinner cards, bridal shower cards and thank you cards appropriately to the selected guests. 

The pocket cards for each guest

Pockets cards should be also secured if the wedding venue is some restaurant or hotel. These cards would be carried by the individual guests. 


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