Seeking Marriage Counseling and Mentoring 

Seeking Marriage Counseling and Mentoring

Whatever the job you perform and wherever you are, you enjoy everything when you are happy with your marriage and family relationships. But it has become dull and lost its lustre, you may not enjoy any occasion. It is the high time you must concentrate on your marriage and try to solve all the problems occurring in it. If you find the problems that you may not handle, don’t hesitate to take the help of expert in this field. Here are a few suggestions, you may find useful. 

Pre-Marital Advice 

Even before marriage, you make take help and advice of an expert marriage counselor. He/she will teach and guide you about various phases of your married life. You will find some tips and do’s/don’t for your happy marriage. You will be able to handle the things occurring in life very efficiently. On the marriage day, you will hold the hands of your spouse firmly and declare that you will with her/him for the whole life. 

Post Marriage Advice

When you face some difficulty in marriage, don’t delay for seeking a marriage counseling or marriage advice. It is just like going to a doctor when you are unwell. When you find that you and your spouse are in conflict on some issues and you are not able to solve your own. This has led to poor communication between both of you and you face frequent frustrations in life for meaningless things also. You criticize, avoid or behave with your spouse rudely or you are victim of it. One of you is at the verge of depression and losing mental health and finding no way to solve, seek help of some mentor or counselor who will let you realize your strength. Mind it, you are inviting the not the third person in your life, but a doctor to help you in developing healthy relationships. 

Don’t Indulge a Person from Relation

Be it your parents, siblings or someone from your in-laws side; don’t indulge them to solve your marital problems. If you do this, you may ruin your relationship as well as your marriage. The reasons may be many, one of them being the person from relations may look with a jaundiced eyes. He/she may not analyze the problem impartially and so, you may get the correct advice or help. 

Be the First Guide Yourself

At first step, try to be the mentor, counselor or guide to your spouse. If your partner is facing some problem, be with him/her. Help out to find a rational and genuine solution to the problem at hand. If you are not in talking terms with your spouse, just leave a loving note to assure him/her of your all time companionship. 

Be sure that many problems have been solved by people and you are not the exception. You have the capacity to surprise your mate with your abilities and he/she will proud of having such a life partner. God has made both of you together and it will be your best prayer when you be with each other at all the times.  


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