Selfie Sticks the New Must Have Accessory at Weddings 

Selfie Sticks the New Must Have Accessory at Weddings

The trend of taking selfies has caught on the whole world like wildfire. From small kids to elderly, everyone across the world seems to be holding a selfie stick in their hands all the time. Whether you are on a vacation or simply having dinner at home, clicking pictures of even the smallest of moments in your life through these selfie sticks and posting them on online social networking sites is something that has become the norm of the day. Therefore, it comes as no big surprise that these selfie sticks have managed to make their way into the weddings as well. At weddings these days, you won’t just find the wedding guests coming for the ceremony with their personal selfie sticks, but there have even been incidents where the bride has chosen to walk down the aisle with a selfie stick in her hand instead of the traditional bridal bouquet. 

Helps You in Capturing Every Special Moment at the Wedding Ceremony

The weddings are all about the bride and the groom and therefore, the professional photographer who would be present at the wedding, would only be interested in capturing the special moments that happen around the bride and the groom. Therefore, if you want to have memories of the fun moments that you have at the wedding with your friends and family, you will have to click those moments yourself, and the selfie sticks help you do this job perfectly and easily. This is one of the primary reasons because of which these selfie sticks have become so popular and feel like an almost necessary accessory that one needs to carry everywhere along with themselves. 

Get the Best Profile Pictures

It is not every day that one spends hours getting dressed up and looking absolutely gorgeous. Along with the bride and the groom, all the people who attend these weddings spend a lot of time in getting their looks perfect for attending the ceremony. Thus, when you enter any wedding party, no matter where you look, you will only find beautiful faces all over the wedding venue. When you put in so much time and effort in getting your looks right, you would surely want to get your profile pictures clicked which you can use for multiple purposes. Thanks to the growing trend of selfies, you would find that at every wedding venue, or for that matter any party these days, there would be a special photo booth that would be crated where the guests can pose and get some really pretty pictures of themselves clicked. This photo booth can be used by everyone and anyone at the wedding. 

Carrying Selfie Sticks May Not Be Courteous

Although the trend of carrying selfie sticks to weddings is increasing, there are many people who still feel that it is not very courteous or nice to carry these selfie sticks around. The weddings are supposed to be all about the bride and the groom, and when you get busy getting your pictures clicked with your friends and choose not to concentrate on the wedding ceremonies, you are basically hurting the feelings of those because of whom you are at the wedding in the first place.  


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