Selfie Suits and Selfie Sticks, Taking Over At Weddings 

Selfie Suits and Selfie Sticks, Taking Over At Weddings

In this contemporary era, it’s almost pellucid to click the selfies. In the wedding especially, everyone is seen clicking the selfies and posting on the face book, whatsapp, pinterest, instagram and other social networking sites. The charm of clicking the selfies has increased dramatically in the recent era, which has made the modern youth to become more crazy. 

Photo booths, the place with the clicking arrangement without the help of photographer, can rarely be seen in our country. But this is a welcome trend in western countries now-a-days. The newer version of photo booths are in the market, called as selfie suits which brides are arranging these small cabins in their wedding. the people who just want DIY option, selfie stick are the next best thing.

Let’s ponder upon the selfie suite-

Generally, the selfie suite is small, having the diameter  of 3 meter by 3 meter structure which contains the powerful camera which is set an angle to capture the whole part of the clothes you are wearing in. moreover, the large LCD screen exhibits the picture of your to show how you exactly look like. In addition, the remote control is provided to click the photos by self.

Most Remarking feature of selfie suit is having more space compared to the selfie booth, so that you can have all the friends of your to enter and click the stylish pics. Further, there is no such need of photographer to click the photos. The nice vision of shots is displayed immediately in the LCD.

An alternative to the selfie suit- the selfie stick

The superb alternative – the selfie sticks, are enormously popular in our country. These selfie sticks are easily available at all the online stores. You must have seen this selfie stick, on which the regular camera is placed , which further acts like the extended arm, which allows to take selfie with more than one people.

Selfie stick finds its useful applications in mehendi and other occasions and is extremely economical. Its pocket friendly price makes it even more popular.


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