Selling Your Wedding Dress 

Selling Your Wedding Dress

The wedding dress that a bride wears on her wedding day has a lot of emotional and sentimental value for the bride. For many brides, this bridal dress represents the day when she started her new life with her husband. It is because of such sentiments that most of the brides do not like selling their wedding dress even after years of their marriage. However, if you think in a logical and practical manner, you would realize that these wedding dresses cannot be worn on any other occasion and therefore, they only end up hanging in your closet and gathering dust. 

Why Choose To Sell The Wedding Dress

When you go out to buy a new wedding dress for yourself, you would need a fortune to buy them. It seems like a sheer waste of money to allow such an expensive and exquisite dress to simply rot on the hanger. It would be a much better option to sell the dress at a reasonable price and use that money for doing something special for yourself and your husband as a couple. You can use the money to plan a nice romantic vacation for the two of you, or you can use the money towards adding to the funds you might be saving for making a down payment for a new house, or you can simply use the money to buy a couple of new dresses which you can wear to many parties and rock at those parties. However, just like buying a wedding dress is a completely personal choice, similarly, even selling of this bridal dress is also a personal choice and every bride should take this call as per her own wishes. 

The Best Price One Can Expect When Selling Her Bridal Dress

As per the generally accepted standards, a wedding gown, which is in perfect condition and is not older than 2 to 2 ½ years, can easily fetch a price of 50% of its original value. As the number of years of the gown increase, the value of the gown keeps going down. However, there is no fixed price at which a used gown can be sold. If the condition of the gown is perfect and its style is in vogue, even an old gown may actually be able to fetch a much higher price. On the other hand, if the condition of the gown is not perfect or its style is not currently in fashion, there might be no takers for the same and hence, the gown, even though less than 2 years old, might still not be able to fetch a decent price for itself. 

Selling Used Gowns Online

There are many stores present where one can take their old wedding gowns and sell them to the store, who will then sell the same to the customers. In such cases, since you would be selling to a store and not the final user, the price received by you might actually be lower. A better option would be to sell the gown online, where you would be able to meet the final buyer directly and negotiate a good deal with her. 


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