Sex Starved Wife - Husband Not Interested In Sex 

Sex Starved Wife - Husband Not Interested In Sex

There is an image fixed in all of our minds where men are always interested in having sex and it is the females who want a break from this intimate activity. But in real life, there are many couples, in which the wife faces the problem of being sex starved, since her husband is just not interested in having sex. This is a very serious problem and if a solution for the same is not found soon, the marriage could end up in a divorce as well.

Therefore, if you do not want your marriage to end, then you need to make sure that you understand the reasons behind the refusal of your husband to have sex and accordingly find a solution for the same. 

Physical Problems

When we talk about physical problems here, we are not necessarily referring to physical problems in having sex, but in general, it is possible that your husband may not be feeling well and the medications that he might be taking for the same, may have reduced his sexual drive. If such is the case, then both of you need to visit the doctor soon and seek replacements for the current medication immediately. Once your husband starts to feel fine, his sexual drive will come back and your sexual life will also get back on track and you may no longer have any complaints from your husband as a wife. Therefore, find out about the health of your husband and seek professional help immediately for curing his physical problems. 

Emotional Problems

The relationship between a husband and wife gets affected by numerous factors. Many times the problems with other people can affect the relationship between a husband and wife. If your husband is facing problems in his professional life or with his family, then the same will get reflected in your relationship with him. The emotional stress that your husband might be under may be the cause of his not wanting to have sex. In this case, you need to play the role of the supportive wife and help in relieving this stress from his mind. You do not have to necessarily have to wait for the problem to get solved completely before your sex life can start again, but by simply providing an emotional anchor to your husband, you can make him feel more relaxed and attracted to you and thus make him want to get really close to you. 

Relationship Losing Its Spark

Many times we feel that it is sex that drives a relationship, when the fact is that you want to be in a physical relationship with only those persons with whom you can relate to emotionally. Therefore, if your relationship with your husband has become boring, there is no conversation that is happening between the two of you that could also be the reason for your husband not wanting to have sex with you. Instead of going to the parlor or buying sexy lingerie, it would better if you would try and become friends with your husband and start to do fun things like partying, holidaying, etc. together. 


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