Shaddi kirpaan for the Punjabi groom 

Shaddi kirpaan for the Punjabi groom

The tradition of keeping the kirpaan along with the groom  during the wedding is an important part of sikh wedding rituals.  The groom is considered to be as a king and the sword is taken as the symbol of its grandeour, keeping it as a weapon. The word kirpaan comprises of two words- kripa means mercy , blessing , kindness and grace of waheyguru ji and Aan refers to the honour, prestige, dignity , righteousness and respect.  Here the kirpaan works not as the mean of aggression but as a meaning of defending the defenceless.  Basically, it connotes to the philosophy of respect for material arts and weapons.

Wedding Talwar:- 

Wedding talwar weights 47.6 oz means 1.35 kg. the blade length of which is taken as 33 “ that is 83.8 c.m, the grip length of which is 6” or 15.2 c.m. the comprising material is of stell and the scabbard is of leather / wood/ or brass fittings.

Sikh Wedding Sword

- Natural Ocean jasper handled sword. Ocean jasper accents.
- Stainless Damascus steel blade (ladder pattern.)
- Heavy gold/zirconium plated sterling silver handle and scabbard fittings.
- 9 carats of very fine diamonds and 60 carats of green tourmaline set in handle.
- 24kt. gold inlay on blade and engraved
- Gemstone and diamond setting
The price of which may vary from thousands till 30,ooo.

Custom Commissioned Kirpan

The customized commissioned kripan is designed to meet all the budgets. For swords and knives, custom scabbard and restoration service is also available

Sousan Kirpan :- 

the sousan kirpan is hand made Damascus ( pattern welded) . the scabbard, which is made of leather, is fitted with Damascus fittings and solid Damascus hilt which can be engraved with lazer to get customized engraving as a passion.


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