Shoe Jewellery - The Bling that Extends to The Footwear  

Shoe Jewellery - The Bling that Extends to The Footwear

Have you ever listened or seen the bling that extends to the footwear? Yes, the newer trends have been introduced whereby the shoe jewelry is bigger trend than we perceive it to be. The brides, not only in India, but also across the world are super crazy about their shoes getting more ornate or fun bling and are customizing their shoes more and more. The ideas for your dream bling at foot or the jewelry at the shoes can be generated in various ways-

1. The front or the back of the footwear can be studded with the stone work. It’s entirely upon you either to get it readymade or the create one of your design and dream. Either ways, it’s entirely upon you to figure out the extent of stone work you want.

2. As shoes already come with Swarovski crystal or just stones, the addition of polkis, kundans and glass jewellery can definitely make it more customized and more ethnic.

3. You can scrutinize the designs of your choice that are bigger and bold too. These designs can be attached at the back or in the front or even you can utilize them like a bracelet around your ankles instead of straps.

4. Even the shoe stores have something for you regarding this matter. Just ask about it, you would get some designs of the bling that can be utilized around your shoes. 

5. Not only does the jewelry, but also the color of which matters a lot. Your wedding outfit and the color you want for your shoe jewellery,  if matched in a proper way plus the illuminating jewelry can definitely make it super attractive than anything else. No one can deny the good match of this beautiful colored jewelry. 
What do you think of this trend? Would you try this or not?


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