Should You Ever Criticize Your Spouse 

Should You Ever Criticize Your Spouse

Falling in love and getting into a relationship with a person is very simple, but when it comes to making that relationship work, many couples are not able to crack that secret of a happy married life and end up getting divorced or separated. Amongst the many problems that couples face in their relationships, criticizing each other is a much underrated problem. But when you carefully analyze the breakup of any couple, you would see that this constant criticism between the partners was probably the most important reason responsible for the end of their relationship. 

Driving Each Other To the Edge

If you constantly criticize your partner over every big and small things in life, your partner will eventually start feeling frustrated in the relationship and would never want to have any conversation with you. Your relationship with your husband or your wife would reach a point where he or she would start to feel repulsed by you and would not even want to look at your face, fearing that as soon as they face you, you would start to point out their faults. No one likes being constantly nagged over every move of theirs and hence for a healthy relationship, you need to make sure that you control this nagging nature of yours and respect your partner more. 

Choose Your Battle Smartly

Simply because your finding faults with your partner, can turn off your spouse, does not mean that you stop pointing out their mistakes. As a life partner, it is your duty and responsibility to help your partner understand his or her mistakes and take the necessary corrective actions for the same. However, just as important it is to make the other partner realize his or her faults, it is equally important that you have this conversation with them at the right time and in the right manner. Instead of criticizing them over their faults, you must try to sit them down, have a healthy discussion with them and make them understand the problem so that they are themselves ready to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle and attitude. Criticizing the other partner would only make him or her more defensive about themselves and this would result in them being even lesser interested in changing themselves. 

Let Go Of Minor Issues

It is important for you to understand that you have married a human being and not someone with superpowers and therefore, no matter how hard the other person may try, he or she would never be perfect in every aspect. Mistakes are bound to be made by both of you and you need to be able to let go of issues that are too minor or small in nature to affect your life. When you start to complain about every small issue, then you nagging about even the bigger and the more important issues become insignificant for the other partner. Therefore, you need to be able to identify which problems are important and which problems you can deal with and accordingly bother your partner only about the important issues and compromise on the smaller matters. 


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