Significance and Meaning of Wedding Flowers 

Significance and Meaning of Wedding Flowers

For most people, the significance of the flowers used in weddings is limited to their aesthetics and for the purpose of decorations of the wedding venue. However, there is a much deeper meaning attached to the wedding flowers. In different cultures the fresh flowers would be used for different purposes in a wedding. 

Past Of Wedding Flowers

Today, the fresh flowers at a wedding may be used for their colour and aroma that they spread in the wedding venue, but in the past, the use of these flowers had a much deeper meaning. In some cultures, the men were prohibited from publicly expressing their love of their spouses and therefore, the grooms would use these flowers as an expression of their love for their ‘to be brides’. In some cultures these flowers were used for warding off the evil spirits from the wedding ceremonies. It was believed that the smell of these flowers helped in keeping the bad spirits away and therefore, these fresh flowers would be put up all around the venue where the wedding ceremonies were taking place, so that the wedding could be completed in the most auspicious manner. Similarly, in different cultures around the world the significance of the flowers varied from emotional to spiritual reasons. 

Even today, different flowers represent different emotions. 


Love, joy and beauty, all these emotions are signified by a rose. Therefore, it is no surprise that these roses are the most preferred choice for weddings, be it preparation of the wedding bouquets, table centrepieces, corsages, etc., roses are used in the making of all these at a wedding. Roses come in many different colours and each of these colored rose has a different meaning, for example, a red rose, means passion and love, while ivory roses depict fidelity. 

Calla Lilies

Currently the demand and use of these calla lilies in weddings have increased greatly. These flowers represent beauty. Therefore, if you wish to add a bit of elegance and sophistication to your wedding appeal, then you must use these calla lilies. 


These flowers come is a huge price tag and are, therefore, preferred by those people who wish to use the weddings as a medium for showing off their money and wealth. However, if one keeps aside, this show of money aspect associated with these flowers, these flowers have a striking appearance and represent love and beauty. 


If you are planning a spring wedding, then you must opt for the tulips which represent undying love and passion and the variety of colours in which these flowers come, will surely make your wedding come alive. However, when using these flowers, care needs to be taken since they are extremely fragile and hence when used as a bouquet or a centrepiece and not handled properly, they can get damaged easily. 


Although no one uses these flowers alone, they make a perfect accompaniment with almost all the other flowers. These flowers have no scent and hence they can be easily mixed with any other flower. These flowers are also used in weddings because they signify wealth, abundance and truth, all of which are important in a successful marriage. 


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