Significance of Marriage in Life 

Significance of Marriage in Life

Marriage is the act of socially and ritually recognized between two individuals, bride and groom or the legal contract between spouses that inaugurates the right and obligations between them to be together and live long for life. Marriage is one of the major decisions of life that individuals pursue for legal, spiritual, legacy, establish important relationship, social, libidinal, emotional, sexual and religious purposes. Marriage binds two individuals in a true and unbreakable bond of love, care, commitment, sex, fondness, warmth, attachment, devotion for life time till their breath exists to live. Marriage is the union of male and female which is orchestrated by God. 

Earlier before civilization there was no official ceremony to legalize marriage but in today’s era marriage is recognized by the state, a religious authority, and an organization and even within community. There are many laws that are laid for and against the purpose of marriage.

Importance of Marriage: 

Despite the circumstances of belief and religion you may acknowledge that marriage is not only an authentic legalization of your sexual relationship but also the reason to bless and hallow up celebration of your union. It is the investment that deliberates the mutual understanding of belongingness and care for your children and your children’s children, develops an important relationship. You get an authentication of recognition in the society which works for your wellbeing and develops a pathway of building a background which serves as a basic unit of society for you betterment and respect.

Importance of Marriage for men: 

Marriage means a lot to men, it provides an opportunity for them to garnish a family, grow in selflessness and a lifelong commitment to embellish and garnish your wife and children. For men, marriage is much more than a physical relationship with a spice of spiritual and emotional reasons to embellish. Marriage is an important relationship which unites the two individuals in one. It provides a man with a trusty life partner who will sacrifice everything for his happiness and also a companion to accept, win and celebrate the challenges of life. Marriage serves him with blessing by giving him his own child in his hands, which will make him proud and embellish him for the sake of remembrance.

Importance of Marriage to women:

Wife and husband are two faces which are made united by the unbreakable bond of marriage. For women it too means a lot, as it gives a reason to live, helps in being in a better rated relationship which is linked directly to life satisfaction and happiness. It provides a buffer against health depletion effects of later life stressors and manages difficult decision regarding health and medical decision making, gives them a new name and further they are known after their husband’s name. Husbands make them blessed to let her garnish her own child for nine months in her own body, after which she gives birth and that is the proof of their life long relationship that would continue exist even after their death. Also when the women of families are happy, the family is itself happy and satisfied with a reason to achieve something for someone who is really important to you. 


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