Significance of Sagaai in Indian Wedding 

Significance of Sagaai in Indian Wedding

In different parts of India the pre wedding function of Sagaai or engagement ceremony is done under different names. But, this ceremony is performed by everyone. This is the first ceremony in the long list many more pre wedding and post wedding ceremonies that will be held later on. In a way, the engagement ceremony kicks off the wedding celebrations.  

Purpose of having This Ceremony

The basic purpose of having an engagement ceremony is to declare to the world the intention of the boy and the girl to get married soon. Basically the family of the bride and the family of the groom come together for this ceremony. Rings are exchanged between the couple as a symbol of their promise to marry each other soon. This is followed by the exchange of gifts between both the families. Every other wedding function, which follows this engagement ceremony, is done with the purpose of showering blessings on the marrying couple for their bright future, however, the aim and purpose of the engagement ceremony is to let all the friends and social associates know that marriage has been fixed between the girl and the boy. 

Fixing the wedding Date

Besides letting the world know that the match between the boy and the girl has been fixed, the day of the Sagaai ceremony is also the day when the both the families come together and fix the date and time when the final wedding ceremony will be conducted. All the other issues relating to the wedding ceremony, like what all functions and rituals have to be followed are also discussed and decided at this ceremony. 

Rejoice and Have Fun

Indian weddings are a celebration in themselves. There is a lot of pomp and show that goes into these wedding, the engagement ceremony, which is technically the first wedding function, is no exception to the rule, and generally after all the rituals of the engagement ceremony has been completed, it is followed by a lot of music and dance in which not only the families of the bride and the groom participate in, but all the guests who have been incited to the function also participate and enjoy the ceremony. 

Venue for the Engagement

The venue for the engagement ceremony can be either the house of the bride or the house of the groom. Traditionally, it was preferred that the house of the bride should be the venue for the engagement ceremony, as it was not believed to be auspicious if the girl visited the groom


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