Signs Of Labour 

Signs Of Labour

On several occasions the labours start slowly and it may not be something sudden or dramatic. It may take few hours to few days to develop the labour. There are several signs which could predict onset of labour which are as follows.
  • Backache before Labour:
    There may be unexplained backache which may be sign of starting of the labour.
  • There will be a Relief from the Heart Burn:
    During the growth of the baby in pregnancy, your stomach will be pushed upwards. A feeling of heartburn may grow as acid reaches your windpipe from stomach. But, before the birth is due, there will be drop in these symptoms as the baby moves into the pelvic area for birth.
  • Breaking of the Water:
    Some days before labour begins, the mucus plug covering the cervix becomes loose. After that, a discharge of jelly type having red, pink or brown colour may start. One should go to hospital if there is heavy discharge.
  • Leaking of the Nipples:

    The nipples will leak during the final trimester, it will be more especially weeks prior to arrival of the baby. It is nothing but nutrient colostrum for baby’s nourishment till such time milk starts to come in few days following birth.
  • Swelling in Private Parts:

    Usually, after the 37 weeks in to the pregnancy, the baby goes down in the pelvis area which exerts more pressure on vagina. This makes entrance of vagina and labia swollen. An icepack in a towel will minimise the discomfort felt due to above condition.
  • Increased Frequency to Toilets and Diarrhoea

    On some occasions the hormones which help the uterus contraction could start diarrhoea in the period prior to birth. In this case take more drinking water and take only bland diet. Also, there will be additional pressure on your bladder; hence you will feel to urinate more frequently in pregnancy. It will further increase before childbirth because the baby is positioned in pelvis area.
  • Change in Walking Gait

    The pelvic girdle pain is likely to change your gait which could be a sign of childbirth taking place soon. The change in walking style is due to widening of pelvis girdle getting ready for childbirth.
  • Sensations of Tightening

    There will be sensations of tightening or contractions, when the uterus gets ready for labour. If the intensity of the contractions increases and it becomes difficult even to speak, it is better to go to hospital.
  • Sudden Energetic Feeling

    There will be increase in levels of energy pending onset of labour. It can be used to get household activities in preparations before the baby’s arrival. 
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