Simple Yet Elegant Indoor Pre Wedding Photoshoot 

Simple Yet Elegant Indoor Pre Wedding Photoshoot

When it comes to pre wedding photoshoots, most of the people prefer to pick outdoor locations for the same, as they feel that this gives them more options in terms of poses and backdrops.However, when you hire the services of the best photography services like Thousand Words Photography, you can be sure that whether you get an indoor pre wedding photoshoot or an outdoor photoshoot, the results will be mesmerizing.


If you are still not sure about an indoor photoshoot, the below pics by Mr. Avtar Singh – candid wedding photographer in Delhi-NCR, clearly showcase not only his talent, but also how both indoor as well as outdoor pre wedding photos can be equally stunning.

Romance On The Balcony

Indoor Wedding Photographers in Delhi

A balcony has been a popular romantic spot since the times of Romeo and Juliet. This picture captures a simple, yet romantic moment between Manish and Karishma, the to be bride and groom. While the colorful flowers make for a pretty frame, the photo concentrates and highlights the lovable chemistry between the couple.


Being Together Is So Much Fun

Outdoor Pre Wedding Photography

Thousand Words Photography

When you are with someone you love, every moment is filled with happiness and joy. You end up doing crazy stuff together and enjoying yourself like never before. Take a look on beautifully captures all this fun between Karishma and Manish in this fun pic, which beautifully blends the esthetics of both indoor as well as outdoor pre wedding photography.


The Magic Of Shadow Images

Magic Of Shadow Images

This amazing shadow image makes use of both natural as well as artificial light to create a magical picture of the couple. Not many photographers are well versed in creating such images, but Mr.Avtar Singh(Thousand Words Photography) does a splendid job.This image is my personal favorite and I am pretty sure that it is going to become the portrait pic for the couple as well.


Black And White Imagery

Pre Wedding Shoot Locations

The best part about black and white images that it does not matter what the pre wedding shoot locations are. These pictures capture the true feelings of the bride and the groom, and the entire focus of the frames is on the couple. The use of props and other distractions is also minimum, thus ensuring that the picture are only and only about the couple and nothing else.


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