Sindoor - The Traditional Hindu Belief of Indian Married Woman 

Sindoor - The Traditional Hindu Belief of Indian Married Woman

Its rightly being said that-

“Marriage is all about Faith, Belief and Trust – a faith to find a soul mate, a belief to have a companionship till eternity and a trust that these faith and belief will never be defeated.”

Faith forms the foundation of the marital relationship. Arranged marriages stay firm that the stranger, they are marrying would be the best of the soul mate; on the contrary, the love marriages too share the same belief of continuing with the same partner even after years, till the life. Wedding ceremony starts with the series of various rituals, which are based upon beliefs. 

Rituals, when turned into practice, form the Beliefs-

One of the related beliefs is “Sindoor Daan Ceremony”, in which the sindhoor is applied in hair parting of a bride during wedding. This sindhoor forms the symbol of the Suhagg by the groom. Hindu religion greatly follows this with zeal and as an expression of the marriage. The unmarried girls are distinguished from the married women by the way of looking the sindhoor. Normally it is banned by the widows.

Feelings of bride pertaining the sindhoor-

1. Love and commitment by the Groom- 
Application of sindhoor implicates the acceptance by the groom. Groom; symbolize the commitment, usually the first one during the wedding, which groom keeps reminding him during the entire life time. Commitment leads to love and the trust. Many key virtues get generated after committing. This commitment lays down the foundation of life time relationship.

2. Belief- 
Hindu mythological stories depict the importance of applying the sindhoor. It’s actually the symbol of suhagg. Moreover, it’s considered auspicious to save and protect the husband. Goddess Parwati herself protects the men whose wives apply sindhoor with the faith. All these beliefs depict the historical importance of the sindhoor.

3. Fashion –
Well, the fashion industry too has started putting on emphasis, as the red or maroon colour of sindhoor adds beauty to the bride. The fashion industries are adding sindhoor in their product range specially. Sindhoor is actually most popularly used cosmetic and is sold heavily in our country. Various TV stars are applying sindhoor in totally different way.

4. Fear phenomenon- 
There is some factors mostly prevalent in the rural areas, even in the Bollywood that the husband of the wives, who don’t apply sindhoor, would die early. Even if, the sindhoor falls down on the floor, it means the mishappening make take place.

5.  Sexual desire- 
Sindhoor is considered to have mercury in it. The males who don’t apply it, has less of sexual vigor, compared to women, who does have more sexual urge. It helps in controlling the blood pressure also.

6. Bengalis sindhoor khela- 
this ritual of applying the sindhoor on the face of the married women depict having a husband and is celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm. It’s performed at the last day of the Durga puja. It’s actually proud feeling to have the husband.

7. Bollywood gossips/ drama- 
the movies like as- Ramleela, Jodha Akbar, devdaas, etc.depict the importance of sindhoor in Indian culture. The importance of the sindhoor is increasing by leaps and bounds and bollywood has proven to be playing the best role in spreading the significance.


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