Six Signs of a Wedding Guest from Hell 

Six Signs of a Wedding Guest from Hell

The decency of the wedding guests is an inevitable phenomenon, because, being a guest, you would love to have the overall nice and genuine scenario, that the guests would be the key determining factors. But on the contrary, the horror of some guests can be ungenuine and can be disgusting too. 

In accordance with the research by hair and beauty site , one in twenty  of us, have at some point, made a glaring wedding error, whether that’s wearing white colour ,  arriving late or having one too many glasses of fizz. Most of us only make that mistake once and very quickly learn the rules of being the perfect wedding guest. Here are six quick don’ts so you can avoid being the wedding guest from hell.

Don’t… over heckle!

The heckling of wedding guests can be so disgusting to the best man delievering the speech. By doing so, you may prove yourself to be as funny, but actually, by doing so , you are acting like the fool and are ruining the moment to shine. Never attempt this mistake and always be sincere enough to avoid such kind of the mistake.

Don’t… upstage the bride

The centre of attraction is bride and the groom. The limelight is to be on them only as the main priority. Don’t try to steal the moment by putting yourself centre stage. As a good wedding guest, you should be on your very best behaviour, demure and acting like a real lady or gentleman.

Don’t… use your phone

Revealing the snaps of the wedding by clicking and sending has become a very common phenomenon now a days. Its actually the job of the bride, groom or the related guests or the concerned person. Moreover, the bride may not want to reveal the photographs to anyone. The photo shoot is very formal phase which may require the formal setup to have the extra special pictures.

Don’t… wear white

Wearing white color on the wedding is permitted only to the bride, no one else should wear this shade as the color is never taken as auspicious

Don’t… arrive late

The bride usually is the centre of attraction and the guests generally wait for her. But many times, the guests arrive so late that the bride has to wait for them. You must give yourself plenty of time to arrive before time.

Don’t… overdo the drink

As wedding is not the time to binge drink – so keep a rein on the glasses of bubbly you knock back. Definitely, You want to wake up the next morning and remember the great day – not sink your head in shame and embarrassment because you did or said something you’d rather forget.


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