Skin and Hair Care Tips Before and After Holi Celebration 

Skin and Hair Care Tips Before and After Holi Celebration

Holi…… The colourful festival creates wonderful feelings. at the same time, it creates havoc also. The care before and after the same is extremely mendatory as it requires little care to look after the skin and the hairs.

The season of Holi brings with it the added risk of chemically synthesized colors which are extremely harmful for our skin and hair. So, you must take certain precautions before staring off with playing with colors. 

Are you ready for Holi? Make sure your skin is ready with these pre-Holi tips.  

Pre- Holi Skin care and Hair care tips 

  • Firstly,don’t forget to  clean and tone your skin properly.An important function of toner is to reduce the pore size and prevent seepage of colour.

  • After that, Apply mustard oil all over face as it forms a protective  shield against the colors and also provides essential sun protection.

  • Alternatively you can also use a thick moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin.

  • To prevent the skin from damage, Apply olive oil/ Almond oil all over body.Most of you hate to oil your hair but its important to apply excess oil on scalp till hair tips to prevent damage. You can use olive oil or coconut oil for this. Remember to tie them in a bun or tie a scarf over your head to protect hair.

What to wear?

Being the newlywed bride, you should wear something new or light coloured, as it gets coloured after playing. Being the festival of colours, the colorful expression of the red, green, yellow and pink colours would allow the white coloured clothes to get converted into the coloured one.

Women: Females can opt for a plain white kurta and salwar/churidar with a bright dupatta. Any pastel colored dress would suffice. Don’t foreget to choose your inner wear smartly as you would be surely getting wet and there might be unwanted exposure which can be embarrassing and vulgar.

Men:An ideal dress for holi festival for men includes  simple white kurta pajama or kurta and old pair of denim.

After playing:

  • First of all, wash all your skin with cold water. Do not use hot or lukewarm water. It takes more time to wash.

  • Brush your teeth. I know you would have done it in the morning, but, nothing wrong in doing it again.

  • Do not use a soap or cleanser to wash your skin. Use a homemade scrub mixed with milk and milk cream to wash your body.

  • Now, use a herbal shampoo to wash your hair. After washing your hair, use an intensive conditioner or a deep conditioning treatment or you can apply honey on your hair and wash off after 30 minutes.

  • During your bath, clip your nails. The nail beds would have been ruined because of the color so make them grow nice and strong again.

  • Do a hand soak and a foot soak to relax your hands and feet during your bath.

  • Remove the lipstick and scrub your lips nicely.


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