Skin Preparation for the Fall Bride 

Skin Preparation for the Fall Bride

The bride needs to look perfect on her wedding day, and if her skin is not healthy and glowing, then no matter how pretty a wedding dress she may have chosen for herself, and hired the best makeup artist present in the city, yet she would not be able to look pretty on her big day. Therefore, skin preparation is the most basic step and the secret key to looking gorgeous on your wedding day. However, getting healthy skin is not an easy task. In fact, it is a long process and the bride cannot suddenly expect that she start taking care of her skin one day before the wedding and yet manage to get the glow that a bride‚Äôs face should have. It is important that immediately after the date for the wedding is fixed, the bride needs to start taking care of her skin. 

One of the factors which a bride needs to keep in mind when pampering her skin is the weather conditions and their effect on her skin. The fall season is one of the most preferred choices for weddings, but during this season, the chilly winds, tend to make the skin go dry and parched. Therefore, if you are a fall bride and are suffering from dry skin, then below are a few tips that can help you in getting that perfect skin for your wedding day:

Many people would think that when they have a dry skin, doing exfoliation on the skin will make the skin even drier and therefore, avoid doing it, but it is a wrong thinking and exfoliation of the skin is important. When exfoliating a dry skin, you need to make sure that you use gentle exfoliation ingredients like milk, aloe vera, etc., which will help in removing all the dead and unhealthy skin from the surface, leaving you with a smoother and healthier skin. 

Increase Miniaturization Of Your Skin

The only way to counter the dry weather of the fall is to increase the moisturization of your skin. In fact, you will have to put layers of different moisturizers on your skin and ever one in a week, a full hydrating mask will also have to be used. When putting on this mask, use ingredients like honey and avocado. After every bath, do not forget to pamper your skin with a huge amount of body butter. 

Change Your Soap

If you have been using an antibacterial soap, the same does help you in keeping your hands free from harmful bacteria, but at the same time, the chemicals present in this soap makes your hands and skin really dry and chapped. Thus, you need to discard this soap, at least during the dry fall and winter season, and switch to some other moisturizing body wash. Should also keep a lotion right next to your hand wash and after every wash, make sure to moisturize your hands with this lotion, while they are still a little wet. 

Our skin needs to be pampered every day in order for it to stay healthy, therefore, the bride needs to allocate at least one hour everyday which she needs to devote only to taking care of her skin. 


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