Small Upgrades To restructure Your Budget Wedding appear Luxe  

Small Upgrades To restructure Your Budget Wedding appear Luxe

Trendy decoration with exotic flowers and the other means do not only require the expenses to meet out the requirement, but proper planning and the execution of the same too is an important phenomenon. Sometimes the money spent on the wedding is not much as it seems, but the outlook it provides, give it the lux feeling. So let’s discuss some of the great ideas of how to make your wedding look luxe, without increasing the overall budget: -
All it does require a bit of strong planning on your part, in addition to the efforts required if you can overcome the challenge and can see through it, then the wedding can be super lux without adding the cost in it.

- You are supposed to limit the guest list-  instead of cutting the corners, try trimming down your guest list and rather throw a better wedding for around 300 of the people that too if matter a lot to you. It’s always advisable to have the most unforgettable experience for those which are your closest acquaintances rather the guests with the formal attending and unnecessarily raising the budget.

- Keep clutter out- the best possible way is to keep your planning as simple as possible. Instead of lots of crazy events, with trying to trim the cost, it’s better to organise two of them with full enthusiasm and zeal. Besides, if you embrace minimalism, the lesser of the stuff you would be adding to your budget and ultimately the classic and timeless wedding can be created. In crux, its most desirable to have mehndi plus wedding with a small party of the close friends is better.

- Don’t forget doing your homework- it’s not an easy task to plan a wedding. There must be paid special efforts so that you can get all the information on the bridal exhibition. Moreover, you must browse all the important sites to have the knowledge about the makeup and beauty. Attend a master class and stay updated.

- Choose off season date and wedding- the wedding dates, as per the astrologers are auspicious for some particular occasions. The auspicious days become costlier due to the costly and pre booking prior to that occasion even. In addition, the more of the weddings occur during the same dates. So don’t choose super auspicious date.

- Choose a venue with character- I think its most important criteria, before you go for booking the wedding venue. The venue selected must be entirely looking amazing, rather than the need for decoration makes it a tedious affair. Otherwise, you can always plan the beautiful destination wedding, where you can have the picturesque view, in addition if you plan your wedding in the bigger city, Mumbai, then you should plan the hilly area of lonawala. Or even going Jaipur or Agra from Delhi can be more lucrative.

- Plan everything in the same venue- I think its smartest way to plan your wedding and the stay at the same place. The most remarkable and important aspect is that you can have the better deals if you are planning the things at the same place. There can be more and more of the fun in addition to the guests and family, staying at the same place.

- Plan and design a wedding theme or motif- either it’s the wedding card or the entrance to the favours, it must be featured with the help of siblings or the friends. This thing can provide your wedding, an exclusive expensive look. Make sure to also design and print your own wedding programs and place it in each room. Yes, don’t forget the motif!  

Plan and consider the morning functions. Not only does you appear gorgeous in your pics, but also, the tremendous savings get possible on electricity, people drink less and everyone gets to rock the sunglasses. 

- Arrange a photo booth- the wedding guests are going to remember this for sure and the photo booths are actually fun. It does not cost a bomb. A small innovation can go long to have this. 

- Focus on quality, not quantity when it comes to food!

Instead of serving the same old food in the same old counters, get creative! Serve the food in an interesting way to make things stand out! It doesn’t even have to cost a lot extra! Find some inspiration

- Make it a better experience for the guests-

Make sure there is proper parking space, or maybe you could rent a valet service as well. It won’t break the bank, but will make sure your it’s a hassle-free experience for your guests, that will create quite the impression! Also, make sure the entrance to the venue is pretty and done up well, as it is the first thing they’re gonna notice and remember!


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