So What If Second Marriage 

So What If Second Marriage

Marriages are always special. Be it first marriage or second. Even second wedding ceremony has a right to be celebrated with full enthusiasm depending on the couples how they want to do it. There are also people who just think that second marriages should just not be like the first but for everyone marriages are always special. The brides of second marriage have full right to be as fantabulous as she can. If she wants she can wear a big huge Cinderella gown and gloves with a hat in her wedding garments. Also she can have that long length cathedral train to flatter her second marriage. But the most important thing in wedding culture is that the bride and the groom should be happy as although it is not their first marriage but still it is a beginning of a new life.

It’s your big day

Moreover on wedding and even second wedding ceremony the bride should look fabulous and more simplified and sophisticated but most importantly she should wear the wedding dress and jewellery that showcases her inner beauty and charm and enhances her personal style. Her style statement can be made even through fresh flower or some traditional family jewellery. Also a soft, lovely feather fascinator pinned to her hair will just mesmerize everyone with her simplicity. Also there are many fashionable hair accessories like jewelled brooch tucked in a bun or twisted braid. Anyway pearled headbands are never out of style even in any wedding culture. Also the only thing bride should be considering is her smile and happiness as may it be second marriage but there is a new life ahead waiting for her.

Dress up for best

Also sometimes people think that grooms of second marriages cannot wear a black tie in wedding garments but it is absolutely fine for a person to start a life as they want. History was the time when the second wedding ceremony were considered a small and personal quite affair but today people have openly accepted this wedding culture and they motivate a brand new start of life even after a tough relationship. Also now people formally accept any kind of party that follows these second marriages. Although second marriages may not be celebrated as grandly as the first, but it is occasion of celebration. Also if the couples have any children from first marriage they can now include them also in their wedding ceremony.

Marriage or second marriage

Although registering and going for a second wedding ceremony is still considered a bit of a dicey position but still it is totally on the couples for second marriage to decide as it is their personal affair. Also today modern second wedding ceremony is not too different from the first time nuptials and now it is openly promoted and accepted by people also. The marriage may be second but the basic elements remain the same. Also it is not important that it is second marriage or first what matters is that it is fresh start and a there should be the thrill and excitement in the couples to start their new life together and make it successful and worth a wedding try.


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