Socially and Environmentally Conscious Wedding Vendors 

Socially and Environmentally Conscious Wedding Vendors

A socially and environmentally conscious wedding is a marriage ceremony in which the bride and the groom consider to minimize the negative impact of the event on the Earth. It is achieved by thinking consciously for reducing the waste generated due to the wedding. It is done by choosing environmentally conscious wedding vendors. These environmentally conscious wedding could be as beautiful as a regular wedding, but without the waste.

Need for the Environmentally Conscious Wedding Vendors:

As individuals, we need to do our parts to protect the Earth from global warming and other environmental issues. As the weddings creates much waste from bleached dresses, flowers which are chemically-treated, garbage generated from drinks and food leftovers which all could be reduced if one decides to choose environmental friendly wedding. When one decides environmentally conscious wedding and communicates about them to the concerned vendor, it will sensitize them about environmental benefits. Further, it may turn out to be economical, too.

  1. One can make eco-conscious decisions including selecting a venue central to the most of your wedding guests, saving on cost of fuel.

  2. When one approaches vendors for environmentally conscious wedding, one supports the green economy changing the way people think about the planet. One can also highlight how to be eco- friendly to the wedding guests.

  3. A venue at a hotel consumes too much electricity and needs use of other non-eco-friendly products. This can be avoided by choosing an outdoor wedding venue including garden, meadow, farm, beach or even one


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