Some Beautiful Wedding Chandelier Designs 

Some Beautiful Wedding Chandelier Designs

From collectibles to woodsy centrepieces, we're seeing chandeliers of all shapes and sizes embellishing tents, trees and gathering venues alike. Here are a couple of our top choices. 

  • Natural Chic 
Natural moss and greenery, string lights and hanging precious stone accents, change this white antique crystal fixture into an eye-getting point of convergence that fits right in with its rustic background. 

  • Workmanship Deco 
The blend of the low, lavish centrepieces and this elaborate acrylic apparatus offers an impeccable blend of statures, while the dark and gold shading plan puts a chic turn on great style. 

  • Extraordinary Design 
In no way, shape or form do all light fixtures need to appear to be identical - we adore the look of blending shapes and sizes. In case you're going for a streamlined outline such as this one, we prescribe adhering to only a few distinct styles or you'll be verging on the edge of varied. 

  • Crisp Flowers  
Some lovely sprouts like green filler's, Juliet garden roses and peonies give this immortal gem chandelier included sentiment. Hang a couple all through your function space or marriage venue to make vibe. 

  • Old fashioned 
We cherish that the straightforward green garlands diminish this generally mechanical looking iron structure, dressing it up splendidly for an outside soiree. What's more, utilizing greenery rather than sprouts implies there won't be any shrinking


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