Some Famous Tradition of Goas Wedding Ceremony 

Some Famous Tradition of Goas Wedding Ceremony

Getting married is very excited and lovely and the local traditions and customs make it more enjoyable and memorable. Every different country, place and culture has its own way of celebrating the wedding ceremony according to their heritage and customs. Wedding in Goa also has many excited and happy moments. The first step of Goa wedding is the famous act of proposal. It is also called as Utor. Utor takes place usually in the morning for some and some like it celebrated in the night and evenings. Also this proposal or Utor is done in a very poetic manner. Here the boy’s family arrives at the girls house and asks for her hand in marriage in a very poetic manner. Also the girl’s family reply’s in a very poetic manner whether they accept or reject the marriage proposal. Also this whole custom is experienced in thrill and excitement with wedding planners Goa.

All starts with a proposal

Then after the whole Utor, there are various dos and don’ts even after the day for Goa wedding. Then here is a tradition where the betrothal is sealed as the bridegroom gifts the fulam where he offers flowers and sweets to the family and these are also distributed among the neighbors. Then the bride has to get her denem the trousseau ready. Here is also a strict custom to take a seven sets of each items like seven towels, seven bed sheets, seven pillow cases, seven handkerchiefs, seven clothes set and even seven undergarments. The number seven is considered auspicious and of good omen and is said to bring luck and happiness to the bride in wedding in Goa.

Bride will be overjoyed

Then there is the saddo tradition done before few days of wedding ceremony. This is a very important day in Goa wedding as on this day the dress of bride is cut and sewed. This saddo dress is then worn by the bride on the first day after her marriage and it has to be in red and white color. Also throughout this custom all women from the neighborhood collect and sing traditional songs of praise. The tailor sews with the women singing around. Then there is a small gathering managed by wedding planners Goa where coconut cake and tea is served.

The traditions are reflection of our culture

Another important tradition in wedding in Goa is bhuim jevonn where there is a ritual meal presented to honor the ancestors and all family members of both sides are invited to this meal. Also sometimes the food is distributed among the poor who also pray to the ancestors for happy, prosperous and blissful married life. Then there is a tradition in Goa wedding called the chuddo. During chuddo which is done before marriage the bride purchases bangles and the women from neighborhood sing traditional songs in the background. Also bride has to purchase 30 green and 30 red bangles 15 for each hand. Then there is a custom where bridegroom’s family asks the bride’s family for ojem i.e. sweetmeats and bananas which are distributed to the relatives. Also with all these rituals and traditions there are also various taboos that are attaches like a bride’s turning back to her house once she comes out on her wedding day is considered a bad omen.  


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