Some Importants About Purchasing Your Diamond Engagement Ring Solitaire 

Some Importants About Purchasing Your Diamond Engagement Ring Solitaire

There can be nothing more valuable possession of having the diamond jewellery of any kind and size , especially that which has been gifted by your lovely hubby to be weared forever definitely deserves special attention.the basic fundament of cut, clarity and size are as important as are other factors. We also know that diamonds are girl’s best friends and can make women weak in her knees and a man go down on his ! the diamond actually has the magical power. The engagement ring and other related jewelery must have that accuracy and size, that is the most awaited and precious possession of the bride. 

The kinds of diamond you wanna purchase of course depend upon the choice which your fiancé has already made. Besides, your girlfriend must have dropped some subtle hint about the kind of diamond she wants. So you do little bit of the research before you step into the store and remind all the OMG that she must have conveyed you regarding diamond that I would love something like that.

The 4c’s of diamond- carat, cut, colour and clarity- 

The cost of diamond undoubtly rely upon the these four key factors. These four points actually determine the actual cost of the diamond. The cheaper or expensive one would definitely rely upon these.  If even one out of these factors is weak, the overall rate of diamond declines. 

So how does it work? Well, first off, let us start with Cut.

1. Cut- 
The fancy cuts of diamond are – princes, cushion, heart, pear, marquise, radiant, emerald, oval, asscher etc.

The round cut- most expensive one-
the round brilliant cut is actually the most precious diamond. Take into consideration of the statistics that if even the diamond of same clarity and carat is to be chosen, even then 25 % of saving depends upon the shape of the diamond. 

Declining order of price- 
in terms of the price, there is a particular sequence of the shapes of the diamond. 
Round > Marquise > Heart > Pear > Oval > Princess > Cushion > Asscher > Radiant > Emerald

as its obvious now, the budget friendly diamonds are emerald or asscher cut which would be cheaper for the same carat , cut and clarity as compared to the round one, which is the most expensive.

2. Carat- 
How much does a 1 carat diamond cost?

The one carrot ring cost you from somewhere nearly 80000 to as much as five lakh, depending upon the cut, clarity and colour and of course, in our country, who is selling it. A carrot has 100 cents in it. The daily weared diamond that you see with little stones in it has diamonds which weigh in certain cents.

Okay so that’s a big range. Let’s say my budget is 1 -1.5 Lakh INR for my engagement ring. What kind of size can I afford?
Try to find the middle path of quality and size- a big stone of terrible quality with no sparkle can end up looking very tacky.

Size does matter to me, but the 1 carat I can afford is very poor quality. What to do ?
Here is the thing. People don’t realise that if you reduce the size just by a smidgen like instead of a 1 carat diamond , if you take a 0.90 cent diamond – cost reduces SIGNIFICANTLY and the size doesn’t seem so different to the naked eye. So while your diamond would look like a 1 carat diamond, it would be much cheaper or it would be much better quality for the same price. So knock off 10 cents without really affecting the appearance so much.

Also, do understand that a 1 carat stone can look huge on delicate hands, but puny on thicker hands. So if you are delicately limbed then congratulations- you can go down in the size department.

3. Colour- 
The D-F category is the most expensive category of and if you move towards Z, the price reduces because the clarity of diamond reduces. The K L M N shades are bought more in delhi , on the contrary, if you move towards Chennai, mostly D E F are stocked. 
What about colored diamonds like Pink and Blue?
The pink diamond is the most expensive one than the transparent one. Take for an instance, if a carrot colourless diamond costs rs 1 lakh, the same cut and clarity diamond that’s pink in colour will cost about 5 times, which is Rs five lakhs. The blue coloured is 20 times costlier.

 4. Clarity- 
clarity pertains transparency of a diamond.

What is the level of Clarity I should look for in an engagement ring?
Again, FL (flawless) IF (internally flawless) is the most expensive and as you go towards the end, the price keeps coming down. In India, the trend is that in Delhi S1 clarity is what is sold the most, and in Chennai, you have IF to VVS that’s preferred.


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