Some Reasons Worthwhile To Consider Wedding Insurance 

Some Reasons Worthwhile To Consider Wedding Insurance

While some couples opt for a casual and elegant wedding, others see it as an extravagant and larger than life affair. Whatever the style may be, one thing is sure that every wedding involves huge costs, time and effort and hence no stone is left unturned to make them turn out perfect. The work of a wedding insurance is simple and straightforward, to protect you against the uncertainties and misfortunes that can turn your big day into a disaster. Here are some reasons worthwhile to consider a wedding insurance. 

To cover for cancellation and delays

The most crucial part of a wedding insurance is that it protects you against cancellation or postponement of a wedding. Certain contingencies and misfortunes such as accidents, natural calamities, fire, etc. are beyond human control and can easily disrupt a well-planned wedding. In such a case, the only option left is to either cancel or delay the wedding. Imagine paying for all the decoration, organising and other expenses all over again. If a wedding is insured, a couple does not need to worry as the insurers would cover up for them but if not, it can be no less than a nightmare.  However, a wedding insurance has certain clauses, i.e., cancellation cover applies only to events and happenings that are beyond human control. 

Coverage for jewellery, bridal ring, and wedding attires

Important items such as bridal ring, wedding attires, jewellery, etc. contrive a huge part of the whole wedding budget. Uncertain events such as theft, loss or burglary can happen to any couple and a wedding insurance provides coverage against such events. The compensation or repayment is generally calculated based on the cost of replacing or repairing a worthy item. It depends on the type of contract you opted for. 

Coverage for videos and photographs

Captured in cameras and cell phones, memories are cherished by a couple throughout their life. Wedding memories are a part of any couple


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