Some Wedding Costs You Did Not Plan For 

Some Wedding Costs You Did Not Plan For

Amidst the stress of planning for your wedding, it is very likely that you miss to include certain costs in your budget. Usually people while doing the budgeting of their wedding research online for average wedding costs. It is very easy to derive a tentative wedding budget by making use of the wedding budget calculator. However, these calculators may have left out some of the wedding costs in their checklist. These are the costs that remain hidden and may prop up later once you start paying your bills disrupting your expected budget. 

It is important to prepare a thorough checklist of all the possible parameters with minute details and include them in your wedding budget. Some of the most common wedding hidden costs have been mentioned here for your easy reference. 

Include the Tips
Although the estimate provided by your caterer or even manager comprises of a field of service charge that doesn’t mean you need not pay any additional tips to their staff members and waiters. In order to show your gratitude towards the services provided by them, you need to pay additional tips to them once the wedding reception is over.

Include the Taxes
The taxes need to be paid on every service which is being offered by the event organizer. Make sure you enquire of the tax amount or tax percent beforehand while preparing the estimated budget of your wedding. Usually the taxes and gratuities are not hidden but the couples may skip to include these while preparing their wedding budget checklist.

Include the Alteration Charges
While buying your wedding dress make sure to enquire about the alterations charges. Just in case you lose weight and your dress needs to be altered to fit you must know what additional amount you will be required to pay to the stitching master. Also do not forget to include the costs of steaming the wedding dress. 

Include Rentals of Additional Equipments 
Depending upon the venue chosen by you for your wedding and the music band which is going to perform, you might have to pay additional rentals for some equipment. For example, you might have to pay rent for chafing dishes or sound amplifiers, speakers, microphones, etc. Make sure to enquire about the costs of these while booking your caterers and music band.

Include the Overtime Costs
The music band performing in your wedding, the DJ, the wedding photographer and videographer are all hired for a pre-defined time period. Always remember to ask them about the additional costs they might be charging in case they have to stay back for longer period of time than what was booked.

Include the Costs of Wedding Dress Accessories and Undergarments
Brides are very particular about not only their wedding dress but what accessories to carry along and the undergarments they would love to wear for their wedding night. Do not forget to include these hidden costs while planning your wedding on a budget.

Include the Staying Cost of Unexpected Guests
Some of your close friends and family members, who might have earlier refused to be able to attend your wedding, turn up on your wedding day. Be prepared to keep a tentative margin while calculating your hotel rooms cost.


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