Special Gujarati vegetable salad 

Special Gujarati vegetable salad

Gujarati cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines of India and a culinary treasure. It is mostly vegetarian and comprises of a wide variety of dishes prepared in an exclusive blend of spices, flavors and vegetables. With each dish having a different cooking style, Gujarati cuisine has so much to offer. Appetizing and high in nutritional value, a typical Gujarati thali consists of Gujarati kadhi, daal, rotli, rice, shaak and pickles. Other staples include khichdi, dhokla, khandvi, uundhyu and thepla. An interesting fact about the Gujarati cuisine is that almost all the dishes in this cuisine have a ting of sweetness in them. A famous Gujarati dish is the Gujarati vegetable salad. Read on to find out about this delectable salad.


The special Gujarati vegetable salad is also known as Kachumber. If you’re of the notion that salads are boring, then you have to give this tangy and crispy salad a try. Originated in the majestic kitchens of Gujarat, kachumber or kachumber salad is a good side dish that can be served along with any Indian dish. To put it simply, kachumber is an onion-tomato-cucumber salad topped with Indian spices and herbs. This dish of vegetable salad originated in the earlier times when it was a tradition for the whole family to have a complete meal plush with nutrients and vitamins. While supplying you the much needed nutrition, Kachumber tastes delectable and savory. 

Key ingredients

An outstanding concoction of hot, salty and spicy flavors, Kachumber also comprises of cabbage, green coriander leaves, green chili and black pepper powder. A dash of lemon juice is added to the salad to make it zesty and tangy. Green chili is an optional ingredient in this salad and you can easily substitute it with red chili powder. While traditional kachumber salad is delicious, adding cabbage to it brings a crunchy flavor to your side dish. Since some people do not like the texture of coriander leaves, coriander powder can also be added in place of it while retaining the flavor. A great thing about this salad is that you can decide the key ingredients based on your personal taste and vegetables such as beetroot and bell peppers can also be added to it.


You can also add mustard seeds, curry leaves and asfoetida to spruce up your salad. Replace the chopped cabbage with the shredded one for a change. You can also add vinegar in place of lemon juice for a different taste. This salad can also be prepared in a curd base. If you wish to keep the salad ready few hours prior to serving to avoid the last minute hassle, then wash and chop all the vegetables and store them in a refrigerator. Remember to always chop onion at the last minute. You can easily mix the chopped vegetables and other toppings right before serving. Consume the salad right after mixing it. Serve the salad along with a complete meal during the lunch or dinner hours. A great thing about this salad is that it can also be served during the evening hours and easily doubles as a healthy snack


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