Special Wedding Favors for the Monsoon- Your Guests Would Actually Love 

Special Wedding Favors for the Monsoon- Your Guests Would Actually Love

The monsoon accompanies the expectations of something unusual but funky. The guests visiting the wedding venue during the monsoon would be expecting umbrella or some special sweets with umbrella attached to it. They can also expect an umbrella with the rajasthani embroidery on it. The main purpose of giving wedding favors is to keep your guests happy and wow your guests with the uniqueness of the gifts.  

The wedding favors that guests would love to keep them forever for life are pondered upon in the lines that would appear fabulous and would remind your guests of the gorgeous wedding, every time they look into it. Don’t merely go for those mithai boxes, or the wrapped chocolates or the outdated fienfew- rather plan something different and the unique one. These wedding favors would be loved more by the wedding guests-

1. The mason jars and candles- mehendi inspired-

See these beautiful colored and gorgeous mehendi jars. How amazing they are looking. In addition, the mehendi work over it is further adding to the spark you want. The mehendi designed, colored in any matching combination is rather a great deal to opt for. 

The white and thick candles, if are designed properly in the form of mehendi are not less than a beautiful web of mehendi. 

These candles can be colored or white, but when the mehendi design is kept colored, which is matching with the combination, contributes more for the beauty.

2. Give chai, because, who does not love chia…??????

The chai, which is aromatic and is palatable to be taken especially twice or thrice during the monsoon is the best gift ever to be given to the Indian guests.

3. Alcohol- not a bad idea- 

Is it bad to gift the alcohol?? I don’t think so. It’s actually never a bad idea. The different brands of the whiskey with the colored bottles sounds great even without packing.

Let’s cheers!!!!!  For the snack of love and care.

4. Cute Wine glasses- to keep the alcohol-

The different shapes and colours of the wines are beyond comparison. Just think of gifting the wine glasses and then order for some dashing styled and of varying sizes, how do you feel about it..?

5. Cutting Chai Cup Set for the Kitschy Couple


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