Spell Bound - Mughal Jewellery Designs for the Vintage Royal Bride 

Spell Bound - Mughal Jewellery Designs for the Vintage Royal Bride

The Mughal jewellery demand died in this modern epoch. The Hollywood movies like as jodha Akbar and really thanks to bollywood beauties like Aishwarya rai and Deepika padukon, who rocked the Mughal jewellery style and that can really fit flawlessly to any bridal outfit and can lift your wedding celebrations appear like a notch. These movies rocketed the stock as well as the sale of these gorgeous jewellery designs to imitate the style of these beauty queens in the movie. The Mughal jewellery style is still in vogue with the ace designers. The jewelery is studded with the chunky gemstones and enameled motif designs. 

Categorizing this exquisite Mughal jewelery into the categories, the best complimenting designs can be handed over to the Amrapali, nirav modi and Chand Begum which undoubtly provide exceptional pieces which are rare to be found anywhere.

1 Navratna stones add grandeur to the chunky pieces of jewellery

2. Addition of pearls with the gold details to the nathni makes it stand out of the other existing designs.. Really gorgeous one.

3. The Mughal jewellery sets are studded with these oversized as well as the multicolored gemstones to lift the essence of this Mughal jewellery set.

4. Oxidized passa for a bride who likes it ethnic

5. Blue enamel jewelery set with intricate mortify designs

6. Gold is utilized along with the classic kundan and pearl mogul bridal jewelery…

7. The matha Patti and passa or jhoomer in kundan, pearls and gold…

8. Mughal mathapatti- may be of variously colored like as light blur and could be enameled one.

7. Mughal style jhumkas- the colour can be the matching dark blue and orange enameled.

8. Kundan earrings with back enameled motif designs- these are unique and are with motifs. These are extremely gorgeous in appearance.

9. Overlayered enameled pearl jhumkas

10. Emerald danglers

11. Kundan haathphool and ring

12. Enameled bangles

13. Intricate carved and diamond studded kada

14. Kundan kada

15. Multi-stoned gold kada

16. Enameled bangles with pearl ends

17. Enamel ring with an emerald stone

18. Elephant shaped diamond studded and also has an emerald.

19. Diamond studded elephant shaped ring with an emerald stone

20. Clear diamond and ruby studded finger ring

21. Navratna bridal jewellery set

22. Multi-colored diamond studded necklace with pearl additions

23. Multi-layered ruby red stone and diamond necklace

24. Multi-layered pearl necklace with gemstone additions

25. Elegant diamond and pearl jewellery set

26. Ruby and diamond kundan necklace from Tanishq
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