Steal Worthy Grooms Cake Ideas 

Steal Worthy Grooms Cake Ideas

Having its roots firmly established in the Victorian era, the tradition of a groom’s cake involves a bride gifting her groom a cake that reflects his style and taste. From the groom’s hobbies to your first date, wedding venue, wedding theme, anything and everything can serve as an idea in the incredible world of wedding cakes. Here are some steal worthy groom’s cake ideas that will definitely bring a smile on your man’s face! 

Dummy bride and groom cake topper

You’re hopelessly in love with your man and cannot help but show it in everything that you do. What’s more, your man is a hopeless romantic sweetheart himself! If this is your case, then opt for a cake with dummy bride and groom in a salsa position on top of it. Although a cliché design, this cake would never fail to charm your romantic guy and convey him your honest feelings for him. 

Chalkboard cake

You and your groom are high school sweethearts and met for the first time in one of the majestic school classrooms. If this is your case, then opt for a chalkboard cake with a dusty black base and white wordings over it. It will be a great break from the traditional white cake. 

Travel-themed cake

If you want to provide your groom with a teaser of how your honeymoon is going to be like or simply if your groom is a travel freak, then a travel-themed cake would do wonders for you. You can create a cake displaying your favorite travel destination or activity. You can also design a beach-themed cake with palm trees and blue water. Browse online for a number of creative and artsy cake designs. Pay attention to the smallest details if you want to make this cake a hit. Also, be well-versed with the likings and preferences of your groom as you want to make him feel truly special. 

Beer cooler cake

Your groom was a party freak and a alcohol lover in his college days but later on turned out to be a gentleman. Traverse him back to his college days and show him how much you remember about him with a cake made to look like a beer cooler or a beer mug. Get the name of his favorite label written over the cake.
Shoe cake

This might sound a little crazy but many men are totally obsessed with shoes and you can take this love forward in the form of a cake. Get a shoe-themed cake for your shopaholic guy obsessed with shoes. You can even put the cake in a shoe box to baffle your guy. After all, a groom’s cake is all about creativity and fun. 

Bow-tie cake

Your man is a true-blue gentleman and you cannot get over the fact that how dapper he is. Gift your stylish guy a super stylish bow-tie cake, reflecting his personality and style. It is a perfect idea for fashion obsessed grooms. 

Sports cake

If your guy is a sports fanatic, show him love by gifting him a sports cake displaying his favorite team. This would show him just how much you pay attention to the little details in his life. 


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