Steps to do Make-up at Home for Wedding 

Steps to do Make-up at Home for Wedding

For a bride who is looking for a perfect bridal look highlighting her natural beauty instead of being like a run of the mill bride, home make up is a right choice.

Following are the home bridal makeup tips for a perfect look.

  • Tip 1: One should make use of a make-up remover or a cleaning cream for cleaning the neck and face. After that chilled water should be splashed on the face and it should be pat dried.

  • Tip 2: The breakouts and the dark circles appearing due to wedding stress should be hidden by using the concealer. After that primer should be applied for holding the foundation.

  • Tip 3: The foundation should be applied after this. The foundation needs to be of sweat proof & waterproof variety. It should be of the mousse kind as there will be additional make-up to come up.

  • Tip 4: After that one should make use of loose or compact powder for helping foundation to set nicely. It should be applied with a blush brush that is fluffy in nature for getting most coverage and lightness. 

  • Tip 5: Now, try using blush. The selection for the shade of the blush largely depends on the lip shade used. The darker the lip shade; the deeper is the blush used. One can highlight the cheek bones with the light dusting of bronzing powder. 

  • Tip 6: It will be followed by crucial make-up of eyes. You can also use false eyelashes here. A maximum of 3 shades of eye shadow can be applied and blended make even the edges which are harsh. On lower lash-line waterproof kohl can be applied. You can attach your false eyelashes after this and the eyeliner can be applied.

  • Tip 7: Any strays are to be removing and then the eyebrows should be filled in. They can be shaped perfectly by using the brow brush. One should not opt for the blue or brown liners on the wedding day. It is safer to choose waterproof jet-black liner.

  • Tip 8: The lips can be outlined by the use of a lip-liner. You can use any shade of lipstick as per your preference. The lipstick can be re-applied after a few seconds. You can use lip gloss, if you want a glossy look.
One can visit the stores to get make-up accessories of your liking. One can opt for accessories which are suitable for the one’s skin type, color and any sensitivity to the allergies. Avoid assuming anything if one is not conversant with makeup procedures.

Tips for the Bridal Hairstyle: The classic bridal hairstyles are suitable for any traditional wedding. Accessorizing ponytail bun with a flowers or jewelry could be a good option. One may choose modern up do if the wedding is contemporary. Then, wearing one’s hair down with waves is also a good option.

The wedding makeup can be done at home on wedding day by following the above tips without the services of a makeup artist.


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