Steps To Support Rather To Rescue Each Other 

Steps To Support Rather To Rescue Each Other

If someone tells you that you need to be supportive towards your spouse, you would feel that the other person is giving you a very good advice, but it has been seen that when one partner gives unconditional support to the other partner, he or she ends up doing more harm to the other partner and the relationship than any good.  The purpose of giving support to another person should be to help them in dealing with a particular situation better, but when unconditional support is given by either the husband to the wife or by the wife to the husband, they actually end up making the other partner completely dependent on them, rather than helping them in becoming more independent. 

Too Much Sugar Cab Cause Diabetes

Just as it is true that a couple of spoons of sugar in a cup of tea can make the tea taste better, but when more sugar is added to the same cup of tea, it not only spoils the taste of the tea, but also gives diabetes to the person drinking the tea. Similarly, when you help your partner in handling a situation better, you help him or her, but when you handle the entire situation for your partner, you only increase the dependence of the other partner on you. This may sound good initially, but when the other partner starts to seek your help in even the smallest of matters in life, you would eventually start getting irritated and this would affect your relationship badly. 

Give Support Only As Much Is Required

There is a very thin line between support and interference. You may be offering your support to the partner out of love and wanting to help him or her, but when the other person feels that they can handle the situation themselves, they would find your support to be a kind of interference in their independence. This unwanted support of you can make the other partner start to feel claustrophobic in the relationship. Therefore, you need to understand that you need to limit your support to only that extent which is wanted by the other person. 

Diminishing The Other Person


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