Stop the Scourge of Wedding Presents 

Stop the Scourge of Wedding Presents

They’re outdated, inefficient, unfair, and unnecessary.

Some consider wedding gifts and favors as unnecessary wastage of money; on the contrary, it seems important to give your wedding guests as the return gifts. The modern epoch of life has given rise to the formal and artificial rituals where formality and attending with the gratitude seems a necessary evil. If these gifts are given, then the relation is strengthened and the relation is reinforced, on the contrary, the expenses of the wedding are raised. 

Profound changes have taken place in a lap of many years where the dowery, gifts, and favors are now taken as something good to be done in favors of your relative, friend or the bride and the groom. Yet as currently constituted, the marital gift exchange is a barbarous, relic, wasteful, unfair and inefficient. 

If you think of a marriage as typically taking place between a young man who’s not expected to know how to cook and an even younger women who’s likely still living with her parents, then gift-giving makes perfect sense. The new couple is likely to be financially constrained and to face a sudden surge in the number of durable goods needed to establish a new household. Since credit and debt markets are never complete or fully efficient, it makes sense for informal social networks to finance investments in household production. So family and friends gather round to offer the new couple a whole bunch of consumer goods, with a particular focus on the domestic equipment that the new wife will need to undertake her new wifely responsibilities.

The society, where the large number of population never dies, this custom of giving gifts seems unrealistic, inefficient and unfair.. Married people already live longer and earn more than single people;.


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