Stunning Colors For Engagement And Cocktail Gowns In This Wedding Season 

Stunning Colors For Engagement And Cocktail Gowns In This Wedding Season

Indian weddings are a grand and a very long affair. Besides the main wedding function, there are many other pre and post wedding functions that take place. For the main wedding day, most of the Indian brides continue to prefer the traditional lehnga or a saree. However, when it comes to choosing dresses for the other wedding ceremonies and functions, the Indian brides are experimenting with modern, designer and trending dresses and gowns for Indian brides.

Cocktail Party Gown

Irrespective of whether the it is a small ceremony with only close family members, or a big celebration like the mehndi or Sangeet ceremony, where all the friends and family member are invited, if it is a wedding ceremony, then the center of attraction will always be the bride and the groom, with the attention tilting slightly more towards the bride. Therefore, the bride needs to make sure that she chooses her each for every function just as carefully as she chooses her wedding dress Indian style.

Party Gown

Besides the style and design of the dress, one of the important things that brides need to consider when they buy designer gown is the color of same. Some of the most popular colors used in the trending dresses or gowns for Indian brides this season are as follows:



marsala color engagement gown

Topping the list of colors for wedding gowns for Indian brides is the color Marsala. This color is a combination or a mix of three colors, maroon, wine and deep red. This color gives both a traditional as well as a modern feel and therefore, is absolutely perfect for the Indian brides. In fact, many brides are choosing this color for their main wedding dress Indian style as well, in order to give their typical and traditional wedding dress a slightly modern feel.



Tangerine color engagement gown

This is yet another color which can be believed to be a modern take on the traditional orange color, which is a popular choice in traditional dresses. Whether the bride is planning to buy designer gown for her all night dance party or is looking for something more traditional like a saree style gown, this color would look good and perfect for all bridal dresses and gowns.


Classic Blue

Classic Blue Party Gown

This is one of the most royal colors that princesses used for their gowns and an Indian is no less than a queen during her wedding, thus, making this color a perfect choice for trending dresses or gowns for Indian brides. The color represents boldness and calmness, both at the same time. This color is so bright and regal, that you would not need too many accessories to complete your look. A single accessory with a beautiful classic blue ball or fusion gown would give the Indian bride the most stunning look for any of her pre or post wedding ceremonies.


Strawberry Ice

designer party gown

 Pink is the favorite color of all girls, and the bride might want to add this color to her wedding collection. Brides looking for a fairy or princess look generally prefer to buy designer gown in this color. Accessorize this color with a nice diamond necklace and you would have your own Barbie doll ready.


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