Stunning Honeymoon Destinations For flower Lovers That Are Nothing Less Than a Paradise 

Stunning Honeymoon Destinations For flower Lovers That Are Nothing Less Than a Paradise

As soon as all the hustle and bustle surrounding a wedding gets over, the time for romance begins for the newlyweds. The plans for going on a honeymoon are generally made along with all the other wedding preparations and therefore, the only thing left for the bride and the groom to do after the wedding ceremonies are complete, is to say goodbyes to everyone and leave for their most romantic vacation ever. 

For ages, flowers have been a symbol of love, beauty and romance and therefore, it is no surprise that many couples choose destinations for their honeymoon, which have some of the world’s best flower collections. Below are some such preferred honeymoon destinations, where you will find some of the most exotic flowers:

Lavender Fields Of Province, France

This small town of Province offers some spectacular natural beauty, which can take the breath away of any honeymooning couple and also spruce up their love life. The freshness of lavenders, with an eye-soothing backdrop of Luberon village, showers its magic on the visitors, leaving them mesmerized. The purple, lavender flowers are sure to stir up all the romantic emotions within you. 

Neelakurinji, Kerala

If you are dreaming of spending some really passionate moments amongst the beauty of flowers on your honeymoon, Neelakurinji in Kerala, offers you the perfect destination. This place is considered to be the fairyland of flowers. The Neelakurinji flowers are unique because of their once in every twelve year phenomenon. Every time, the fields in Kerala are washed by these flowers, it is considered to be a magical phenomenon and it is a treasure for Kerala. 

Rose Valley, Bulgaria

The flower that is most closely related to love and romance is a rose. Roses have the quality to add that perfect aroma and sensuous taste to any romantic relationship. The rose valley in Bulgaria is spread all over with the resplendent efflorescence of roses all over. Although roses are the most prominent feature of this valley, you will also find hints lavender and mint also present in some places in the valley.

Keukenhof, Netherlands

When you visit this place in bloom, the spread of tulips will present you with such an amazing site that it may actually become difficult for you to believe that what you are witnessing is reality and not a fairy tale. You may have to ask your partner to pinch you for you to believe that you are seeing such rare beauty for real. 

Dzukou Flower Valley, Nagaland

This valley of flowers is hidden in the Himalayas, but when you visit this place, you would be able to see some of the rarest of species of lilies here. Besides the regular, white, pink, aconitum, euphorbia and other commonly known species of lilies, there are hundreds of other species of lilies present here, about which you would never even heard of before. 

Cherry Blossom Ueno Park, Japan

There are many cherry blossom parks present in Japan, which will not just titillate you, but also rejuvenate your senses and increase your romantic prowess. But, the Ueno Park is special and a must go for any honeymooning couple who wishes to start their new life in the arms of the beauty of the flowers. 


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