Stunning Honeymoon Destinations for Flower Lovers that is nothing less than a Paradise Article Body 

Stunning Honeymoon Destinations for Flower Lovers that is nothing less than a Paradise Article Body

When you plan for a honeymoon destination to seal your upcoming life with love, fragrance and happiness, take help of spectacular and effective flowers be the destination be any place. As flowers symbolize passion and eternal love, the article expresses some charming terminuses that will help you to make your honeymoon so romantic. You can visit, some wonderful flower fields around the world to make flower lovers getaway very fresh, special, and romantic.

*Cherry Blossom Ueno Park in Japan

Japan is a country that has many beautiful cherry blossom parks to arouse your sanities and make the pleasant atmosphere. The very famous Ueno Park in Tokyo, can offer a lot to one’s vacation. The approximate area of the park is 133 acre and it has nearly 1k cherry blossom trees (Sakura) which surround the Shinobazu pond which leads to the National Museum. Hanami that is also referred to as Cherry blossom viewing makes the location even more well-known destination for couples who search for places where they can roam hand in hand.

Main Season- Late March to Late April.

*Dzukou Flower Valley in Nagaland 

In the North-Eastern part of Nagaland in India, behind the range of Japfu, Dzukou Flower Valley is located.  It is unseen because of the high mountains from Nagaland border to Manipur. It is rich in some uncommon lilies species. The Valley is also known as the celestial charming valley, which is 2438 meters above from the level of the sea.

Main Season- June to September

*Keukenhof in Netherlands

You will like this place so much that you will actually ask your spouse to pinch you to make you realize that you are not in some dream. Flowers and Tulips in bulbs are the possessions of this location that act as essential elements for the zeal, emotions and love. Keukenhof is situated near Lisse, in the south of Holland, Netherlands. The destination is among the most popular tourist sites in the world, enticing over millions of tourists from all over the world.

Main Season- Mid of March to Early May.

*Rose Valley in Bulgaria

If honeymoon is in your priority list nowadays, roses are perfect for adding fragrance and flavor to the opulent holiday. There are rich roses galore which are fabulous and attractive for your journey. It is counted as an idealistic flowery destination in Bulgaria that spreads the splendid roses bloom.

 Main Season- May to early June

*Neelakurinji in Kerala

Here's another floral destination where newlyweds can spend romantic moments with one another. Its name is derived from the words “Neela "and “Kurinji” that depicts the blue color and the name of the flower respectively. This place is located in Munnar, which is present in the small district of Kerala namely Idukki. The place is known as a fairyland of flowers. 

Main Season- From the month of August to October last.

*Lavender Field of Provence in France

The charm and natural beauty of a small spectacular city of Provence are perfect to gratify the newlywed groom and the bride to beautify their romance filled life. The visitors are not escaped by the striking appearance and freshness of lavender fields that showers it’s charmed on the tourists. One of the locations that have a backdrop of the eye-soothing and breathtaking views of lavender fields is one of the most beautiful villages in France, named Luberon.

 Main season- Mid of June to Mid of July


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