Styling Tips For The Best Indian Groom Wedding Dresses 

Styling Tips For The Best Indian Groom Wedding Dresses

Men in general are not very fussy about their looks or their dresses. However, all this changes when it is their wedding day. Every man wants to put his best foot forward and make sure that he nails that royal look for the wedding ceremonies. For someone who has never spent any time catching up with the latest trends in men’s wear, or devoted time to exploring his personal style, finding that perfect groom wedding dress can be a task, that is even more daunting and difficult that the bride finding her perfect wedding dress.


To help out these clueless men in their search for the best Indian groom wedding dress for their big day, below are some simple, yet effective, styling tips, that should be kept in mind during this selection process:


Try To Coordinate Your Dress With That Of The Bride

Wedding Dress for Groom

You are about to get married and for the rest of your life, you will be wearing clothes that your wife picks out for you. Well, why not start this trend from the wedding itself. Let the color, style and design of the designer sherwani for groom be in coordination with that of the bride. This essentially means that you will not have to worry much about your groom dresses for marriage ceremonies, but only make sure that they fit perfectly and look good on your personality.


Be Ready For Numerous Trials

Indian Marriage Groom Dress

Once the Indian wedding dresses for groom have been selected, it does not mean that the job is completed. You can hate it, but you will have to be mentally prepared for many dress fitting trials and sessions. It is extremely important that the fit and the shape of your dress is just right for your body, and in order to achieve this perfect fit, you will have to go in, not once or twice, but many times to your designer for trial sessions. Even the top designers and tailors will require to come for these trials again and again, and there is no running away from this.  


Variety Is Important

Marriage Dress for Indian Groom

Besides the main wedding ceremony, there are going to many smaller, but important wedding functions like Haldi, mehndi, reception, etc. You need to find appropriate and royal dresses for each of these ceremonies. You also need to make sure that you bring in a lot of variety in the style and colors of each dress that you wear for various ceremonies. For example, The reception dress for men is generally black in color, and therefore, avoid using this color for any other ceremony. If you have picked a theme for every occasion, try to match your dresses to these themes.


Do Not Forget To Accessorize

Groom Indian Wedding Dress

Maybe not as many as the bride, but there are quite a few accessories that a groom needs to add to his wedding dresses, for that regal look. Accessories, like cuff links, tie pins, watch, men’s jewelry, etc., are a very integral part of the wedding appearance. Based on the style of the blazers for men in Indian wedding, or any other dress selected by the groom, it is important that correct accessories should be matched and selected for each wedding dress of the groom.


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