Stylish Necklaces for Wedding  

Stylish Necklaces for Wedding

All eyes would be on the bride on the wedding day, and she should look her best and everything she wears including necklace has to be classy. One needs to follow few tips to select the praiseworthy wedding jewelry, especially the necklace for the wedding day which is as follows:

The Bridal necklace is primary to the bridal outfit, so it is crucial to select one which fits well with the wedding dress

The bridal necklace is the primary wedding accessory which will be featured in all your wedding photos. Hence, match the necklace as per your bridal dress.

Consider the Neckline of Bridal Gown for Right Necklace:

A choker style necklace will complement the bridal dress having a round shaped neckline, while a longer pendant necklace will suit the sweetheart neckline or a V-neck dress. A large multi strand necklace will cover the bare neck area if the bridal dress is strapless.

Trying the Classic Necklace:

The classic bridal necklaces with one string of pearls will give a classy appearance which also symbolizes marital happiness. A diamond pendant on silver chain or diamond stud on gold necklace will also give classic look.

Adding color to Necklace:

The brides can select a sapphire with silver necklace as something blue. The other nice idea is to match the bridal necklace with the colors in of the wedding bouquet. 

Single Strand Necklace or Choker:

The single strand necklace that fits around the neck is known as choker and created from a string of pearls or beads.

The Pendant Necklace:

A pendant hangs from a cord or chain from the neck with the ornaments like a charm or gem stone. Pendants are usually lengthier than chokers.



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