Summer Wedding in India 

Summer Wedding in India

Summer wedding is one of the most favourite seasons for your typical Indian wedding. Weather has its unique role not only in wedding but in any of the event. Indian summer has a benefit that the season serves to be the most relaxing, cheerful, rejoicing and enjoyable season. The warm weather along with the clear sky has its own benefit of full of colours. The weather suits all kinds of colours as suitable in wedding, wedding attire, wedding decoration, etc. Another thing is that the wedding is the event to be enjoyed and in summer wedding people tend to be more energetic than the winters as the season can be enjoyed in an open outdoor event. Also the most beneficial factor is that in the summer wedding, most people vacations and your wedding can be more cheerful when embellished with guests who live far away which may not be possible in different months of the year.

Wedding dress in summer wedding:

Summer wedding is has an advantage with trends to be enjoyed with colourful decorative and attire. Precisely, putting upon simple black and white attire in the wedding seems not at all good and handsome reason being you cannot bear pure black in hot summer Indian wedding and white is not considered good in this rejoicing event. The season serves you an advantage to outshine with short, open and stylish, in trend and evergreen attire like deep neck, strapless gowns, sleeveless choli, knee length dresses and backless with comfortable fabrics of cotton, rayon and linen along with stylish strappy shoes. 

Decoration in Summer Indian wedding: 

The decoration in the summer wedding could be much easy and colourful. One of the most advantage is the many kinds of flowers are available, and flowers play a big part in decoration of Indian wedding. The availability and price are both comfortable in this season. A variety of decorative flowers with different shades like chrysanthemums, orchids, sunflower, zinnia, violet, Asiatic lily, etc are easily available. 


The venue of the summer wedding can generally bear an advantage of outdoor opportunity that is celebrating the event of wedding in the open gardens and ground. Another benefit of summer Indian wedding is that you can save the cost of air conditioned wedding banquet or guest house. Also the open gardens bear the advantage of being decorated beautifully and the venue could be more amazing id you consider a place nearby water body or pool that embellishes the wedding with the rejoicing cool breezes.


There are also many disadvantages associate with the summer Indian wedding like high prices for air conditioned wedding hall in case open gardens are not available, many parts of India are too hot in summers so sweating and heat is sometimes unbearable and irritating, also the food needs to be taken care, as it easily gets unfit in summers and cannot be preserved for long and the most important the makeup and dressing of the bride is too heavy for the day, so it becomes irritating and intolerable for the bride to manage things.   


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